2017 Fall Elections: First Year Representatives

Andrew Huang

My name is Andrew Huang, and I am running to become your first year representative for CUS! 

I stand for the following values:


Like me, many of you must be unsure about what exactly the CUS does for us (with all those student fees we have to pay them…). Consequently, it is difficult for many of you to provide feedback to the CUS. As your First Year Representative, I will strive to increase the transparency of the CUS’s involvement, and create a clear and simple way for everyone to provide feedback. This will increase engagement between first years and the CUS, and ensure that the CUS is serving every one of you to the best of our ability. 


As a first year, I know what it’s like to be anxious when everyone around you seems like they have their lives figured out. In order to ease first year anxiety, and to bring together the community at Sauder, I will create networking events for first years to meet the upper year Sauder students in a casual setting for advice, and create genuine friendships. Furthermore, I believe that cross-faculty networking events will help Sauderites connect with a diverse group of people outside of Sauder and combat the stigmatism against Sauder at UBC. 

In order to best represent all of you, I will have to get to know all of you! So reach out to me whenever you need a friend, and I will be there for all of you.

Andy Cheng

Hey friends! ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _/¯

Thank you for acknowledging me or even briefly considering me as your First Year CUS Rep!

So you may be wondering… what QUALIFIES me and SEPARATES me from the rest of the pack?

I may not have the business experience of managing portfolios or being in financial banking, I do, however, have the qualities needed to become a successful First Year Rep to bridge the distance between us first years, and the Commerce Undergraduate Society. I pride myself as an outgoing and extroverted person, whether it be in Comm 101 or Math 104, I am there to not only pass the course, but to also have a good time making new friends every day. My goal as a First Year Rep is to unify our timid first years with what Sauder really has to offer by bringing the faculty together through clubs and networking. As the past Student Council president for my school, I HAVE the experience of working in a team, and I HAVE the experience of planning and coordinating events. I am a leader that can help tie and connect students together, a leader that has the same goals as you. I will promise that I will do ALL that I can to ensure a school year filled with endless possibilities, a year, that will take your breath away.

Beverley Fung

Hey Sauder! My name is Beverley Fung. I am from Coquitlam, BC. I love food and I am addicted to Vita Lemon Tea (I have four packs in my fridge – hmu). I am running for CUS First Year Rep because I truly want to make our transition into UBC as enjoyable as possible.


Having prior event planning experience, I want to hold all kinds of social events ranging from wide scale mass study sessions during midterm/finals (because we’ll all be dying?) to smaller scale workshops to provide an opportunity for everyone to form long lasting (Linkedin) connections with one another.


If you saw the club booth-ing that happened this month, you know there are a ton of clubs and services offered through the CUS; however, even if you know these exist, where do you go to find out more? To make this “getting involved” business easier, I plan to make club information more accessible on multiple platforms: the CUS website, social media, email newsletters and inside Henry Angus (coordinating with CUS’ Marketing Team on optimizing the club wall).


Last year, the First Year Committees from Commerce, Arts, Science, and Engineering came together to host Showcase: a night event for all first years. This year, I want to expand on this and work with other First Year Reps to organize even better activities (ex: Faculty vs Faculty Sports Events). Through these efforts, I hope for students to foster interfaculty relationships and to improve Sauder’s overall image across UBC

Brandon Jao

Brandon Jao is extremely excited to be a part of the diverse community in UBC’s Sauder School of Business. Here in Sauder, he has found a place to learn and grow with like-minded individuals and in turn, he would love to contribute to the community by serving others. 

Throughout high school, Brandon was always seeking after opportunities to serve the community both in classrooms, on the court, and beyond. He brought laughter to the long, boring lectures; he led and inspired others to reach their fullest potential on the basketball court; he encouraged his fellow track-mates through words and his persistent efforts; he served selflessly in the student government. He is a hardworking, compassionate, and ambitious individual who envisions success as inspiring others to learn and grow with him. 

For this reason and the desire to grow as a young businessman, Brandon has decided to run as the CUS first year representative. He was inspired by the many interactions he has had with the students in Sauder – their diversity has opened his eyes to various perspectives. Through this experience, Brandon hopes to continue to build meaningful connections with his fellow classmates, learn from them, and thrive for success with them. 

Caryssa Kim

My name is Caryssa Kim, and I am an international student from Honolulu Hawai’i—sorry, I don’t know how to surf! But I am very excited to be running to represent you as CUS First Year Representative!
Before arriving at UBC, I feared that Sauder would be a hyper-competitive, cutthroat faculty where I wouldn’t find my place. However, I quickly learned that these preconceived notions did not accurately represent the Commerce community. I believe that Sauder is a network, not a rivalry. It doesn’t matter who understands differentiation better in Math 104 or who speaks more often in Comm 101. What matters is that we support, connect with, and rely on one another. Meeting and knowing people open so many doors that intimidation does not, and the Commerce undergraduate experience is a great platform for fostering lasting and fruitful relationships. My aim is to help facilitate these connections in any way I can and to preserve the culture of cooperation that I’ve experienced thus far here at Sauder.
If elected, I plan to act as the link between the Board of Directors and you, my fellow first years, vocalizing your interests in council meetings and ensuring that your concerns are acknowledged.  Please feel free to say hi, add me on Facebook, or ask about great tourist spots for your next vacation to Hawai’i! 

Crystal Jiang

My name is Crystal Jiang and I am running for the CUS First Year Representative because I am grateful to be a student at Sauder where there’s so much to be a part of. I understand how hard it is to be a first year in such a large school but through the Sauder community I hope that we, as a year, will thrive. I will be a great first year representative because I genuinely care about your voice and your opinion. I am also easily approachable and I will be diligent in making sure that that you will know what is going on, and how that affects you. Your concerns are my concerns. I want all of us here in university for the first time, to have the best experience possible. By electing me, you won’t be disappointed! I am truly dedicated to the Sauder community and to all of you.

Jack Shipway

Hey! My name is Jack and I’m a local guy from North Vancouver! I’m super excited to meet you all throughout the year, and I hope we have a good time! I grew up playing a ton of sports such as ice hockey, soccer, football, and a few more for recreation. I was named captain multiple times while playing a relatively high level of hockey, and I have coached a few teams! Therefore, I’ve worked with people one on one and in groups. I have experience making sure things got done when they were needed to be done, and I have voiced a group’s opinion to people in positions of power. I have great people skills, I try to be outgoing and a very open person. I’m very willing to help or give advice to anybody that messages me, and I’ll put in the effort to get to you know all on a personal level! If I am unable to help you myself, I will connect you to the necessary resources that have the answer you are looking for. I am going to promise a 24-hour response time, but as a student who likes to be on my phone it’s very likely to be faster than that. I’m also going to be making regular Facebook posts on my page about upcoming CUS events so that none of you will miss out! 

Jochen Hsia

Hi everyone! My name is Jochen Hsia and I’d like to ask for your support in the upcoming CUS election for First Year Representative! Though born in Taiwan, I’d lived in the City of Surrey for most of my life. I have always believed that connection through communication is the most important aspect of a student government, for connection is what results in a more aware faculty. Often times, students miss opportunities because they are unaware of them, because of a lack of connection between the school and you. This is the reason I am running for First Year Rep: to ensure that all the opportunities and events in Sauder are presented to you promptly and clearly so you don’t miss anything. With this in mind, let’s make Sauder yours by sharing with you the opportunities to get involved. Let’s make CUS yours by showing you all the events that you can attend. Let’s make success yours with the chance to do so. Vote for me and, together, let’s make it (all) yours.

Jon Kim

Hi! I’m Jon, and I’m super excited to be running as your first-year representative.

I’m a Korean-Canadian who was born in Toronto but raised in Vancouver. I’ve attended 8 different schools in my life which has forced me to always meet new people, and it was the people I met that inspired me to be a part of as many interesting things as possible! I’ve been a cadet for 5 years and serve as Master Warrant Officer at 2947 RCEME RCACC, I organized the most affordable 3 day Model United Nations conference in North America called Pacific MUN, and I’ve tried to invest in our community by participating in charitable organizations like Wish Youth Network Society, Kindlers Society, and Social Diversity for Children.

Going into Sauder, I was not sure if I would be excited to be a part of this community, but the passion and the energy of the Sauderites around me broke every stereotype that I had and it gave me the motivation to run. I am honestly awed by the quality and bravery of the people around me, and I want to become as involved as I can in this community. I’m so excited to meet as many of you as possible and hearing all of your stories, and hopefully representing you in the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

So let’s have some fun, make this year interesting, and VOTE JON KIM!

Josh Chan

As your first year representative, I promise to help build a community that fosters camaraderie, engagement, and success. My name is Josh Chan and I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, arts and crafts, and I also hope to serve you all not only as a peer, but as your friend this upcoming year.

We all recently began an important chapter in our lives together and within the first weeks, I was inspired by everyone’s strong sense of community and attitudes towards active engagement. These experiences in my first weeks have inspired me to run for first year representative, and I hope to strengthen our community to inspire you all just as much. I also hope to empower everyone to achieve their potential as we take on our first year together.

Determined to promote engagement and camaraderie, I have set a component of my platform to involve events for first year students to stay connected and the CUS, while forging robust relationships with each other. I promise to go above and beyond in my role as your voice in the CUS and take the extra bounds to ensure we can have a memorable year together.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to have chat, feel free to approach me online or in person!

Thank you and good luck to all the candidates!

Juveria Machiwala

My name is Juveria Machiwala. I’m from Mumbai, India. I went to a girl’s high school and did the Indian Board Examination in which I scored 95.2%. Post that, I did the International Baccalaureate which prepared me for university life. Getting into UBC Sauder School of Business was my dream since the beginning of Grade 11 and I worked intently in order to achieve this goal of mine. Now that I’m here, I want to get even more involved in the Sauder community. I feel there is no better way to get even more involved than to be a part of the Commerce Undergraduate Society. I believe I have the qualities of a suitable representative as I am responsible, organized, motivated, enthusiastic and extremely positive. Business has been my passion ever since 9th grade when I was first introduced to it. I have taken part in many business related extracurricular activities including starting and leading a Business Club in my High School. I have taken part in various Entrepreneurship competitions where I had to formulate business plans in a team. By doing numerous internships over the last few summer holidays, I believe I have learnt skills that will help me through my Sauder and CUS journey.

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

This quote keeps me going and motivates me to achieve my goals, in this case, becoming first year representative. In the past, I have been a leader and held representative positions, thus, I feel I am fit for this position.

Katrina Del Rosario

HEY SAUDER! Are you hot to go? Are you R-O-W-D-Y? Well I believe that I can keep your rowdy vibes up-to-par if you vote for me, Katrina Del Rosario, as (one of) your CUS FIRST YEAR REP(s)! 

Let’s have a little breakdown of why I should be your FYR through a little SWOT analysis (without the threats and weaknesses, of course…)!


  • I enjoy knowing more about each of your backgrounds & where you’re from, as well as your interests and hobbies!
  • I have a LOT of leadership background including Student Council and a captain on both the tennis and field hockey teams at my high school!
  • I’m extremely open to any and all suggestions you might have about the CUS affiliated clubs/events and where our funds should go to!


  • I’d love to create a comfortable and fun environment for all of us as first years! 
  • I can help run and organize entertaining events throughout the year! 
  • I will represent our year through my positivity and exuberant amount of energy as the year can be full of struggles and fear! 
  • I can (maybe) make your day with a joke (if you get my sense of humour…)

If you’re ever in need of someone to talk to, just HMU on Facebook or talk to me if you ever see me in the halls! 

So, when you’re voting in October, check mark Katrina if you want first year to be a Winnah!!! 

Logan Aitken


Hey my name is Logan Aitken and I’m so excited to be running to be your first year rep! I moved here from Calgary, Alberta with the goal to get as involved as possible in this beautiful and active community and I can’t imagine a more effective way to do it. I’m incredibly eager to learn everything there is to know about the CUS and all its amazing clubs and services, and to see the direct positive impact I’ll be able to make throughout my time here. You should vote for me to be your representative because I’m very easy to get in touch with, and I’m willing to work as hard as I can to make sure you have the very best first year possible. If you ever need anything, just let me know! I have extensive leadership experience, piles of energy, and I can’t wait to be your friend! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me – I shouldn’t be hard to find on Facebook or Instagram.

Moses Kirathe

Hi! I’m Moses Kirathe and I am running to be one of your 2 CUS first year reps. I am from a small little-known country called Kenya. I enjoy playing table tennis and trying out new things when I am having a great day, and I enjoy listening to some music and reading when I am having a dull and slow day.

Elections need candidates and candidates need voters. But you might wonder, why am I running to be your first-year rep? My platform is based on one objective: engagement.

Meeting new people is something that excites me, something that I love doing. And during my time here, I have met awesome people at Sauder. Our faculty is known for its spirit, and its togetherness as a whole(as seen during the first week). But being a pretty intense faculty, it can be difficult to maintain solid friendships with most people you met during the first few days here at UBC. Through student engagement, I intend to design peer programs that will enable us to interact beyond the classrooms and the assignments and the projects. These events will enable all of us to keep in touch with friends we have already made, and make new ones. And when we head to second year, we will head there with a strong sense of faculty spirit. And even stronger friendships.

I also intend to fully represent you in the CUS, the largest business school organization in Canada, and ensure your voices are heard.

Navika Lohia

A committed team-worker, graceful dancer and music lover. Navika has an affable personality which makes her a great leader and communicator. She is a perfectionist who will never hesitate to put long hours to make sure everything is flawless, she aspires to make a change around herself, which makes her so precious to a team. She walks with an aura of positivity around her that distinguishes her from the crowd. She dreams of becoming an industrialist by double-majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Always in her element, she is extremely exuberant and zestful, wanting to mould every opportunity she gets into a meticulous shape. She always had two dreams running parallel, one to be an industrialist and another to be a dancer, injecting her qualities in the artistic field, she earned her Teacher’s Degree for dance in 2015 and has been a part of various Dance clubs, she claims that dance is her passion and she is going to aim to reach the pinnacle of excellence in both her respective goals. Completely dedicated and steadfast, she is here to make a difference and exhibit her expertise and commitment to represent and honour The Sauder School of Business in her best principle.

Ramit Kalra

To lead is not to be recognized so much by what you do yourself but by what you inspire others to do. I am Ramit Kalra and I am running for CUS First Year Rep. Like many of you, my first few weeks have brought me together with an amazing community of individuals here at UBC. Inspired by all of you, I have chosen a purpose to create an environment of friendly competition between a diverse group of individuals that make up our Sauder crew!

I have travelled to numerous places to learn about different cultures and ideas, participated in various community service projects and was involved in the Student Council throughout my high school and I have served as The Commerce Society Head. I am a people’s person who has the experience and will make every effort to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. If elected as First Year Rep, my goal is to bring a brand new light of wholeness and togetherness to CUS.

A vote for me is a vote for you.


Sabrina Dammholz

#Vote Sabrina Dammholz for First Year Rep!!! Bright, loyal, and determined. I am ready to BRIGHTEN up your year!  

Hello, I am Sabrina and I am ecstatic to run as your 1st year representative for the Commerce Undergraduate Society. Vote for me because I am bright, loyal and determined.

I love to smile! I enjoy running in the sun and rain equally. I am that person laughing and dancing in the rain, and even though everyone is looking judgmentally, I will continue to do so. I will brighten up your day with my enthusiasm and craziness.

One of the things I treasure most is developing friendships. Many of my good friends have been my good friends for 12 years plus and I am looking forward to doing the same here. I understand that time and effort is needed to form these friendships and I promise that I will put the time, effort and loyalty into the relationships I develop here to create a strong community.

When there is a task or problem surrounding an issue that I am passionate about, and I am passionate about making our experience here at Sauder the best it can be, I will not stop until the problem is solved. I would and have trekked in heavy snow to arrive to where I was committed to be to make a difference.

As your first year rep, I will ensure a sense of community, initiate exciting events, and listen warmly to your thoughts.

Vote Sabrina as your first year representative for an enthusiastic and driven year. What would you like to happen this year to start of our university experience with a bang? Do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook, Sabrina Brinasabri, or approach me in the halls. I look forward to building friendships with each and every one.

Remember to vote Sabrina, to brighten up your year!

Sanjay Khemani

Hello fellow first years! My name is Sanjay and I’m running to be YOUR representative in the CUS for 2017-18 term. You may be wondering why Sanjay? To give you an answer, I simply love interacting with people and lending a helping hand. I’m approachable, so if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, you can always reach out to me.


ENGAGEMENT – We pay a certain amount of money to the CUS every year and it’s important that we are aware of the daily activities and opportunities offered by the CUS. I promise to keep you up to date with all the opportunities, be your voice in the CUS, and ensure our ideas and suggestions are presented in the Board of Directors meetings.

CONNECTION – Within two weeks after Spark, I noticed some students have already formed their groups. I would ensure more social events throughout the year, focused on mingling between international and domestic students or just students in general. I plan to accomplish this by implementing events such as themed parties, networking events geared towards first years, games night, stress relieving events and collaborating with other faculties.  

DEVELOPMENT – In Sauder, we have the opportunity to apply for wonderful clubs, most of which require a resume and cover letter. While some students do have experience, many do not. I would propose a compulsory workshop for resume and cover letter writing. Moreover, I would propose the idea of making COMM 202, a one credit career fundamentals course about resume & cover letter writing and interview performance, mandatory in Year 1 from next year.

Let’s make our first year a memorable one, together!

Selena Lai

Hi, my name is Selena, and I am a fearless activist, aspiring dancer, air cadet, and a change-maker. I know how important, intimidating, yet exciting first year can be and I want to help you make the most of it. One of my passions is taking the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained to create a lasting impact through social events, whether it be charitable, community-bonding, or competitive. Throughout high school, I was in leadership positions in Junior Achievement, Case Competitions, Variety Charity, Youth Council, and Fuse Society. These amazing opportunities to give back to the community showed me how teamwork, accountability, and a passion for service could change the lives of others. I believe my experience leading executive teams, project management, hosting events, and working with people of all backgrounds will be an asset in this position. To me, making an impact is not measured by the quantity of people I’ve affected. Its measured by all the unique experiences people take away from those events. I want to improve your experience as a first year by helping you find your community, create those memorable moments, and find that person who will pick you up during exam season.  If you elect me as your first year rep, I will be doing my best for you. I will voice your opinions and concerns to the first year committee and turn your ideas into a reality. So put your trust in me – like you put your trust in slacknotes! 

Ted Lee

My name is Taehan (Ted) Lee, and I’m thrilled to run as your CUS first-year representative. Having lived in Seoul, California, and Beijing, I’ve met a lot of people with various upbringings and stories. During the last few weeks of school, I’ve talked to and befriended people from everywhere. After having these interactions, I realized that I want to bring my experiences to help represent such a diverse group of people that is Sauder Class of ’21.


We’re all aware that Sauder consists of people from various backgrounds; the students and their stories are what makes this institution so special. As the first-year representative, I want to not only embrace this diversity but also protect it, making sure that everyone is included and safe.


Work hard play hard is my motto; I want to make sure that everyone is given the optimal environment in which to study hard and play hard. Exams are stressful and coursework can be dull. As your representative, I want to spice up this year and ensure that there are as many lit times as there are stressful ones.

If I become your first-year representative, I promise that I will be an avid listener and represent each and every one of you so that nobody in this warm community is left out. I want to serve as a bridge between the CUS and the student body, making certain that messages are clearly delivered and voices are heard.

Valerie Ng


It’s Valerie here! I am ecstatic to be running as your first year CUS Rep!! I am a locally grown Vancouverite, so you can always ask me about where to hunt for the best food. I have been quite involved with student council, in the school as well as the Vancouver District Student Council as the Social Events Officer, back in high school. Ever since school started, I have met so many intelligent individuals that proved to me that Sauder was the right choice. I know that there are so many grads of 2021 out there that I have still yet to meet. One of my prominent features is my somewhat curly hair. So if you notice me wandering in between classes, feel free to say hi and ask me some questions. Through this year, as a potential candidate, I hope to expand our interactions beyond the Commerce faculty. As cheesy as it sounds, I aspire to create a stronger bond in the UBC rainbow. Don’t forget to exercise your right to vote on October 4-6! Hope to see you all at the Q&A session. Peace out!