Following are the candidates for 2018 CUS First Year Representative Elections:

1. Akshat Jain 

Hey Sauder! I know you are saying in your mind ‘Hey What’! But this time it’s actually a simple ‘Hey’. Anyways, my name is Akshat Jain and I am from India. This year I am running to be your first year CUS representative and I hope to make your first year a memorable one. Few questions which might have come to your mind by now, “Who is Akshat? We haven’t even talked to him, so why should we vote for him?”

Well, this is your opportunity to know me and interact with me. I didn’t decide to run for the CUS until the last day of Jump Start. During this lovely program, I realized that each and every person, whether an introvert or an extrovert, is “curious” to know each other, he covets to make new friends. As the CUS rep, I will be able to contribute in connecting people and making their voice heard, something I’ll do with all my heart.

I will make it my goal to involve and develop each student into a well-rounded personality. I strongly encourage students to see where their interests lie and join clubs suitable for them. CUS is integrated with all clubs and I would want to conduct information sessions and seminars to make students more aware of them.

I feel students understand other students much better than anyone else. If you ever feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, as first year CUS Rep, I will always be there for you and listen to any of your problems and issues. I will host frequent workshops for those feeling overwhelmed at Sauder. I am approachable and open and always welcome anyone who wants to talk!

One of the reasons I’ve come to Sauder as an international student is because I like to meet new people and build lasting connections. I see CUS as the perfect platform to for me to connect with new people and to help other students do so in the form of various formal and informal events that I would like to host.

Feel free to reach out if you spot me in the hallways of Henry Angus.

2. Alan Yang

Hello fellow first-year commerce students! My name is Alan and I’m running to be your first-year representative in the CUS. From serving on school committees to coaching athletic teams, I’ve had the privilege to have experience both as a leader and a member.

My main for the 2018-2019 school year is for us to be:

OPEN – Often it can be difficult to have a sense of belonging, especially in first year. As first-year representative, I promise to meet and connect with as many of you as I can. Feel free to come chat with me anytime about your opinions, suggestions, questions or anything at all.

CONNECTED – As first-year representative, I will make it my priority to keep all of you up to date with everything going on in Sauder. We all pay a certain amount of money to the CUS every year, and I believe we should make the most of it. I promise to be your voice on the board of directors and cater events to YOUR wants and needs.

AMBITIOUS – I believe that the next four years will build character and shape your career. I promise to explore more opportunities for first-years to network with professionals, visit office facilities and go on coffee chats with experienced individuals.

Elect me to be your first-year representative and I promise to make year #1 unforgettable!

3. Dante Agosti Moro

Hello fellow first years! My name is Dante Agosti-Moro and I am running to be your CUS First Year Representative for 2018-2019. As someone who enjoys interacting with people, I hope to get to know and represent each and every one of you.
What can you expect if you choose to give me your vote?

Communication: Upon speaking with many of you, you have shared with me many great ideas for improving Sauder. As your rep, I will be your voice, bringing all your suggestions to the Board of Directors. I would host a monthly meeting in which all first years could come to talk with their reps and share ideas and concerns about the direction of the CUS.

Involvement: As first years, we can all relate to the feeling that entering university is overwhelming, and it is difficult for us to know what Sauder and the CUS have to offer. My goal is to increase the advertising for clubs and the CUS, allowing first year students to better understand how we can get involved.

Relationships: In business, building relationships is very important. My vision is to enhance the opportunities available to first years to form more meaningful relationships with not only fellow Sauder students, but also with students from other faculties, and to connect with the business community. My vision is for the CUS to host inter-faculty social events, as well as dedicated networking events for first year students, so we can begin paving our future careers early on.

4. Darin Tsu

Hey there! My name is Darin, and I am a first year Sauder student just like you. I’m running to be your first year rep, but I can’t do it without your help. If you vote for me, I will promise you a series of three things. Firstly, I will provide the necessary insight and resources if you are interested in joining any clubs and/or community involvement. Getting involved with the Sauder community is a rare opportunity, and I highly promote it in order to ensure you’re getting the full Sauder experience. Secondly, I’ll keep everyone up to date on social and networking events to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Last but not least, I promise to be the genuine and efficient leader that Sauder needs to propel itself forward. I’ll be there whenever you want to chat with someone; if you see me around do come and say hi! I would love to get to know all of you personally, because it allows me to get a firm grasp of what us first years need to succeed. Vote for me, and I guarantee there will be no regrets. I will be your voice; a leader who sincerely cares about what you have to say, and will ensure that your thoughts and concerns are heard and answered. Make a positive impact in our Sauder community and vote! Nothing but excitement and adventure awaits for us.

5. Eliz Lagutina 

Dear First Years! My name is Eliz Lagutina, and I am very excited to be running for First Year Representative! I would love to represent all of the exceptional and amazing first year students!

My platform:

How will I engage with you?I am very open to talk to, and you can approach me anytime. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts! I am a good listener and I want to make sure your opinions and ideas are heard and shared with the CUS! When events are created I will make several posts on Instagram and on a Facebook page that I will create for our class!

How will I ensure that we are a tight knit community? Even though this year around 400+ students participated in Jump Start, I have noticed that students are mostly spending time with people from their classes and STTs. However, I will ensure a tight knit community by advising the First Year Committee to organize spirit weeks, icebreaker nights, formal events and tons of networking for us!

How can I help you grow? Jump Start and Spark were really helpful, but I still feel very clueless about the BCom program in general, and if you do too, don’t worry! This is why I think that a new program called “Key Partner” should be introduced, where upper year students volunteer to be mentors for 1st Year Students! This would allow us to get experience and knowledge from the older peers and bring our community closer together!

6. Frank Pan

Hello Sauder First years! My name is Frank Pan and I am running to be your first year representative! As a fellow first year at Sauder, I know how overwhelming first year can feel. So why should you vote Frank Pan? Well, I was born and raised in metro Vancouver, and to put it simple, my mission is to make all first years feel at home at Sauder.

Empower – My goal is to empower the first year body at Sauder. Just because most of us can’t drink doesn’t mean our opinions are just as important! However, I believe that many first year’s voices are not being heard. I plan to open an anonymous message form for first years that will be directly sent to me and the other first year representative, that way we are able to voice all first-year students’ concerns and opinions to the board of directors.

Excel – I do agree that university is a huge step-up from high school, and in first year, it can be hard to keep up with classes when there are so many activities around. Sure, there are tutorial sessions at the CLC, but I would like to propose that the CLC offer more sessions specifically geared towards first years. That way, it will be easier for us to ask questions and get the help we need to excel in class.

7. Jason Ngai

Hi, my name is Jason Ngai and I’ll be running to be your CUS First Year Representative for 2018-2019! To be honest, while I’m not the most talented or the smartest of the First Years, I’m passionate about helping people and interacting with different communities.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I was raised in Hong Kong and I came to Vancouver for high school two years ago. It was extremely difficult to adjust to the environment-I barely talked to anybody in the first two months and I ate lunch with the same three people for almost three months. So, trust me when I say I know exactly how many of you are feeling right now. However, the Sauder community is filled with opportunities and clubs to guide you, and I hope I can be the bridge between First Years, CUS and the many organizations within Sauder. No matter what kind of problems you will face in this coming year, I am willing to listen and help; anything you wish to project to the CUS, I will be YOUR voice and try my best to get everybody involved in this community. It’s alright to feel intimidated, but know that I’ll always have your back!

8. Jenny Zhao

Hello Sauder!
My name is Jenny Zhao and I am running to become your CUS first year rep for 2018-2019. As you may wonder, why should you vote for me? Well, from my previous experiences, I understand the difficulty to adapt and transition from your comfort zone to an entirely different environment, and I would like to make Sauder as welcoming and accepting as possible for you to thrive. Helping others is my passion, and if you ever need a friend to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Overall, I promise to make your first year at Sauder the best year of your life, and to voice your thoughts and opinions to the CUS.

Socializing is an important part of getting involved with the Sauder community. However, I understand that it may be difficult to reach out to others, especially if you’re an introvert and/or if you are new to Vancouver. That’s why I would like to plan many fun social events like parties, game events, and dinners to get you involved and connected with your peers. No matter who you are or where you are from, there will always be an event for you to attend – and you will never feel alone or left out again!
Mental health
Having a healthy mindset is a crucial part of being successful and satisfied in life. To support my peers who are battling mental health issues, I would like to create support groups to build a connective network within the first year Sauder community. I want to construct a safe space for Sauder students to be able to open up about their personal struggles, and to help each other achieve stability in life. Again, if you ever wish to talk to a friend, don’t hesitate to message me!

9. Leo Pan

Hello first year Sauder Students! My name is Leo Pan and I’m running for your first-year representative in the CUS. I truly enjoy interacting with people and will bring people together by providing an environment where ideas and experiences can be shared.

A few weeks into classes, I’ve truly appreciated those around me. Sharing stories about where we are from, doing activities together and helping each other with course material has made me grateful for the community that Sauder has to offer. I met many of these people through organized events during Jumpstart and wish to provide the opportunity for all BCom students to socialize during events organized by the CUS. Meeting new people in non-academic environments can easily lead to friendships that will benefit your university experience.

The CUS offers a plethora of wonderful services that can benefit all BCom students. As a first-year representative, I will promise to inform commerce students about the events that the CUS organizes. Through communication via social media and in person, I will try my hardest to keep students up-to-date about the opportunities that are available to make your university experience better! Furthermore, I will bring ideas from all BCom students and discuss them during the meetings within the CUS to create a unified faculty!

I am dedicated to making the most of the university experience! Being elected would allow me to contribute towards making Sauder a better place through the CUS. Thank you for this opportunity and VOTE Leo Pan!

10. Maxwell Jao

Hey guys! My name is Maxwell Jao (you can call me max), and I’m running to be the CUS’ First Year Representative for the 2018-2019 Term. Although I have many interests, people are my passion, and getting to know and connect with others is what I love most. That’s why it would be an honor to represent my fellow first years through this position.

Like many of you, though commerce may be my faculty, it is far from the entirety of who I am. I am passionate about many other things, such as basketball, music, and, oddly enough, solving Rubik’s cubes. If you have a talent that may be overlooked, I want to hear about it, and I’m sure Sauder wants to hear about it too. I will propose to give Sauder students an approachable medium to showcase their talents, gain in confidence, and meet new people along the way.

Being a first year Sauder, and given the competitive nature of our faculty, I’ve occasionally noticed somewhat of an “Us and Them” mindset when speaking to other faculties. To be honest, as a new international student, it’s intimidating to have a reputation that precedes you, and it’s even harder as a young individual in a new environment. So, I propose to bridge the gap between faculties, and work on projects together to achieve true synergy. An abundance of multi-faculty events to extend our networking to the entirety of UBC.

At my old school we had a trust box. A place where, as a mere student, our voices would be heard and, in accordance, changes would be made. And so I propose a similar system. A place where students can submit their concerns, ideas and… anything really. Run by students and completely confidential as to avoid any reluctance. Changes you can feel and see.

11. Oonita Keekarjai

My name is Oonita Keekarjai. Having lead multiple student councils for multiple years, I’ve learned that the one thing every student want is: voice.

Whether you are the enthusiastic student in the front of the class or the quiet student in the back of the class, I’ve got your back. The CUS has three missions: professional, personal and academic. How will I help you use your voice to achieve these?

First, professionalism: what being a Sauderite is all about. I promise to help you create opportunities to increase your professionalism through ‘Beginner-in-Business’ workshops and mock networking events catered for first years. Why would I do that? Because being able to express your voice in a professional manner will help you reach a larger audience, and your voice matters.

Next, personal. I believe that Sauder should be your home away from home. Home is where you should be able to express your feelings, opinions or concerns freely; this is the sort of connection I aim to achieve between me, the CUS board and our cohort.

Finally, academic. While Sauder is your home away from home, it is also a place that challenges you. Every Sauder student is gifted with wit, intelligence and comradeship. I want to emphasize on the latter: comradeship – the key to overcoming any academic challenges. I plan to induce this collaboration through increasing interaction between international, domestic, talkative and quiet students by holding low-key, informal events where everyone will feel comfortable.

12. Philip Ko

My name is Philip (Yungu) Ko and I am running to be your CUS first year rep! I understand that entering into a new place, surrounded by totally new people can be daunting. That is what I am here for! Throughout my life, I have lived in Toronto, Ontario, Seoul, South Korea, and Singapore. Constantly experiencing new cultures and new places has helped me learn what students entering a totally new place need and want, and eventually gave me ideas on molding a community with people from various cultures to live in harmony. That is the skill set I want to bring to CUS as I represent you, especially at this exciting period of our first year in university, so that you can smoothly transition into UBC and reach your full potential here in the Sauder School of Business. Additionally, I promise to be attentive every single one of your requests or concerns, from complaints to social event requests, so that I can present them and be your voice in the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

13. Saavin Lidder

Hey Sauder!!

I’m Saavin (but you can call me Sav since its easier to pronounce) and I am running to become your first year representative.

Who am I?

A bold individual with an eclectic taste in music, a very unique sense of fashion (my closet is anything but neutral), loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine and enjoys searching up random stuff on google (try searching up giggle vs chuckle–you’ll see that just like that, it becomes a chuckle).

Am I fit for this role?

Yes, because I really am here for YOU. I’m an honest, genuine and approachable person who has experience acting as a liaison between two groups. I will work to make this year awesome for all of us.

What will I do?

Be the person you can depend on to:

Listen to, understand and address your problems/concerns
Create multiple opportunities for you to give feedback to the CUS
Notify you of exciting opportunities to get involved in
Advocate for change when necessary
Support and promote initiatives you are passionate about (you are all so talented!)

I hope to get to know as many of you as I can, even if I’m not elected. Don’t hesitate to say hi, I promise I’m friendly! You can tell me everything about anything.

14. Savelii Karionov

Hello first years! My name is Sava and I’m running to be YOUR representative in the CUS!

Who are you?
Your fellow student, who really likes to meet new people, make friends and support those in need!
Why CUS?
Terrific opportunities to make a positive impact in our society and help others make the best out of their university experience!
Why should I choose you?
Take a moment to read my platform and you will find out 🙂

We form the future of the CUS, through our actions, ideas, and even payments from our tuition! I promise to keep you up-to-date with endless possibilities provided by CUS, present your ideas and suggestions in the Board of Directors meetings, and be your supportive friend in such a powerful organization.

Forget about loneliness! My goal is to enlarge the possibilities for your socialization and ensure that everyone has a chance to become a part of our large UBC family. Stress relieving events, themed parties, collaborations with other faculties – these and much more will appear throughout the year!

Time-Management, public speaking, etc. We all have our weaknesses. By organizing helpful workshops, I will ensure your personal and academic growth!

Thank you for your time! Feel free to reach out to me. I would love to know you better and will accept your ideas and suggestions with pleasure!

This is your chance to shape your life at the university. Vote for me I won’t let you down!

15. Sebastian Geraldo

Academic success. Social Involvement. An 8-hour night’s sleep.
The goals of every university student are in some way related to these three categories, with the more adventurous of us choosing the 8-hour night’s sleep. That leaves the rest of us with only the first two options: academic success and social involvement. I say “and” because many people believe that we can only have one or the other, but this is simply not true; indeed, academic success and social involvement are mutually inclusive. But how can you, an aspiring first year student, achieve such a seemingly-ambitious goal? This is where I come in.

Academic Success:
Everyone is on edge. The pressure to get high marks is increasing whilst our confidence is declining. We see success in others but not us. However, it is not too late. With my help, you can be assured that you will receive the high-quality academic support that you want. Ensuring your academic development and growth will be my absolute top priority.

Social Involvement:
You want to be more involved with your university life. You want to attend more events and conferences. You want opportunities to meet new people and gain new experiences. For many of us, these are just dreams, but they don’t have to be. I will ensure that you get the chance to become involved with your school and your university. New networking events, educational workshops, and engaging conferences are just a few of my ideas that I have planned for you.

16. Venus Tsang

Hello first years! My name is Venus Tsang and I am running to be YOUR 2017/2018 First Year Representative. With my diverse experience in previous leadership positions and my passion to serve others, I hope to provide you with a fantastic first year!

COMMUNITY- As I entered Sauder, I felt an immediate sense of belonging. Especially after Spark, uncountable new friendships were definately made. As a commuter student I will ensure inclusive events continue throughout the year for further connections to be made. These might include networking events targeted for first years, holiday celebrations, or even stress relieving activities.

GROWTH- Many of us are unsure of which path to take in terms of career or even extracurriculars. I would propose to host workshops or bring in guest speakers focusing on different career paths to give YOU a greater sense of what your passion is. I believe everyone has a passion in life, it just takes some time to find it.

ACCESS- Everyone knows how much tuition we pay and some are questioning where all their money goes. A certain amount goes to the CUS which offer daily activities and host events throughout the year. There are also so many resources available at Sauder and even on campus that I will help you utilize. With my effective communication skills, I promise to voice your opinions in meetings in addition to informing you about all CUS events that are coming up.

17. William Hou

Hi, my name is William, and I’m running to be your CUS First Year Rep!

I am a passionate and motivated individual, and I’m committed to bettering your first year experience and making the first year the best year. My belief is that there is nothing more important than making friends and connections, so my goal is to increase the amount of events that involve getting to know each other, so everyone has the chance to meet people that they might not have many, or any classes together. I think that this would allow us to become even closer as a community and work towards our goals together

Another thing that I am passionate about is the intermingling of faculties. Sauder is a tight-knit community, and with our STTs we spend a lot of time with just our Sauder classmates. My goal is to collaborate with other First Year Reps in other faculties to perhaps create some multi-faculty events so that we can expand our networks to include a greater variety of people with different experiences.

But being a representative means that it’s all about you! Although I already have some things in mind, but I would love to hear your thoughts!