Priscilla Chan

Hi, my name is Priscilla Chan and I am excited to be running for the position of CUS President in the upcoming 2019/20 election! As a current fourth year student heading into my last year at Sauder, I’m passionate about giving back to the Sauder community and making a positive impact by supporting students and giving them opportunities for personal development and growth. My time as the Commerce Student Senator, Senate Representative on the AMS Council as well as Chairperson of the Board of Directors this year has given me ample knowledge and understanding about how the CUS operates. Those positions have also taught me effective interpersonal and strong management skills. As your elected President, I will ensure that all your voices are heard when I represent our faculty at multiple areas within the university. In addition, I will be promoting strong interfaculty relations through collaborations, attending meetings with other faculties to build strong relationships with them. Thank you for your support and I wish everyone running in the elections the best of luck!


Taryn Jessop

Taryn is a fourth year, BTM and OBHR student. She has been very involved in the Sauder community over the years, and loves helping others create their sense of belonging. Taryn has been the VP Mental Wellness for Sauder Health and Wellness for the last two years, and is also the current CEA Director in charge of Spark Chats. She has been an Imagine Day Leader, a Spark Leader or a Spark Crew member every year since her first year. In her second year, Taryn served as the Ombudsperson where she sat on committees such as Executive Council Hiring Committee, Budget Committee, and Policy and Organizational Development Committee.
Taryn’s presidential platform (Sustainability & Support) points are as follows:
– Analyze the previous Board of Directors’ performance.
– Review and continue with the CUS Strategic Plan.
– Continue to increase transparency and accountability through timely reporting to
constituents and initiatives such as the Community Pulse.
– Foster engagement between students and undergraduate societies.
Within the CUS:
– Increase access to wellness resources for leaders.
– Empower student leaders to support and educate their teams about wellness.
Within Sauder:
– Improve awareness of campus resources.
– Organize more wellness events.
– Solidify resources for sexual assault and harassment relief.
– Promote inclusive terminology and a safe community.
Within UBC Campus:
– Unity – Connect more with campus community; we are Sauder students but also
UBC students.
– Collaboration – Work with other faculties and UBC organizations to promote
important causes.
– Wellness – Demonstrate Sauder’s commitment to promoting wellness for all



Dante Agosti-Moro

Hello Sauder! My name is Dante Agosti-Moro, and I’m running to be YOUR Commerce Student Senator. Over the past school year, I’ve had the honour of representing my first-year peers on the CUS Board of Directors, and now I’m asking you to put your trust in me to represent each Sauder student on the UBC Senate. As someone who enjoys public speaking and interacting with people, I hope to get to know every one of you and be your voice on the Senate! What can you expect if you choose to give me your vote? Advocacy: As one of the two governing bodies of UBC, the Senate has the power to enact real change that directly affects the academic lives of every Sauder (and UBC) student. As your Senator, I would bring your concerns to the Senate, to help ensure that every decision passed is in the best interest of Commerce students as a whole. Engagement: The UBC Senate, through its Student Senators, gives us students the opportunity to shape our own university experience. I would incorporate regular student consultations as a major part of my role as Senator. Every Sauder student should have the opportunity to stay updated on how the Senate is serving them. Effective Change: There are several issues I hope to address if elected. One of which is a fall reading break, which I believe should be an issue at the top of the Senate’s agenda. I also want to push for more mental health initiatives, a cause that can benefit all of UBC!


Chantal Despres

Chantal Despres is a current third-year, dual-degree student with a passion for commerce and the law. Having completed her first two years in France at Sciences Po Paris, Chantal comes with leadership experience and a unique perspective because of her international studies, both of which she is eager to share with the Sauder community. She recognises the diversity of the Sauder student population and believes she will be an excellent Ombudsperson.

Over the course of the next year, Chantal aims to bring upper-year representation to the CUS while maintaining a connection with first and second year students. Her goals are to:

  1. Continue to advocate for the mental health of Sauder students.
  2. Open the doors for students of all years to voice their opinions and concerns in a safe, unbiased environment.
  3. And to serve the Sauder student body to the best of her ability by being approachable and available.

To fulfill these goals, Chantal is committed to holding weekly office hours, attending monthly meetings, and representing the voice of students with the aim of bringing real, positive change to the Sauder community.

Kelly Huang

Hello! I am a first year student currently involved with Sauder’s Health and Wellness. You might recognize me as the girl that served you pasta at a recent HeWe Eats!

From being part of HeWe, I have solidified my passion and proven my dedication to help my fellow students have a positive university experience. I would love to further my passion by running to be your CUS Ombudsperson as it is a position that will allow me to ensure transparency around the CUS, build trust within the community and give fair representation for all parties.


Upholding the code and ensuring that operations within the CUS are true to its values will provide students the transparency they deserve. Further, I promise to keep OmBlogs up to date with relevant information so you won’t miss a thing! I will be here to answer any questions about the CUS.


Establishing trust within the community is crucial when it comes to making sure everyone’s voice is heard. I hope to gain your trust and enable you to feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and concerns. You can rely on me to maintain a just environment that includes your voice.


The process of working in a team inevitably comes with internal disputes. As much as I will represent students outside of the CUS, I will also help resolve conflicts from within. My goal is to act as an impartial third-party for everyone to confide in.

Matina Pun

Hi everyone! My name is Matina Pun. I am a first year student and I am running to be your CUS Ombudsperson for the 2019-2020 academic year. Aside from being a neutral voice in board and executive meetings, one of the things that I would like to focus on as Ombudsperson is to increase awareness of this resource for the Sauder community.

As the Ombudsperson, I would be a liaison to bring questions or complaints from student to the CUS and its organizations. By bringing specific concerns to the table on behalf of students, I can ensure serious issues are considered while putting students at ease.

I have always been passionate about helping people with their concerns, and I am willing to go the extra mile to create the safe space where we can make sure that everyone is heard.  One of the challenges that I especially like about this is to open up channels of communication. To me this means creating transparency between the CUS and the student body, so that the CUS, and by extension myself are as approachable as possible. This means that I’d love to meet up or go for coffee! This way, I can bring enriched feedback to the CUS to make a better community.

AMS Representative 

Aldo Geraldo

Sauder is undoubtedly a unique place, filled with young and ambitious students who have a passion for getting involved in the world beyond just business – indeed, future CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers are what make up the bulk of its student body. As such, Sauder students share a common set of values that lay the foundation for what the Sauder School of Business truly is, and although each student may differ on what their core principles exactly are, our values remain homogenous and firm.

Highly motivated and passionate, Aldo is a student who will ensure that the values and interests of the Sauder community are represented beyond the walls of the Henry Angus and within the AMS. He is truly committed to ensuring that there is clear communication between the AMS and the CUS and that nothing important goes unheard. Having been described as honest, dedicated, and empathic by his peers, Aldo has made it a goal to always live up to these standards and to always deliver on his promises – he is involved in the Sauder community and genuinely wishes to serve it as best as he can.

Andrew Huang

Hello Sauders, my name is Andrew Huang, and I am running to be your next AMS Representative. Working with the CUS First Year Committee has made me realize that I have a strong desire to keep serving our community. Using my strong leadership and communicative skills acquired over previous team lead positions, I plan to represent our community to the AMS, advocating for our student rights and funding.

My Platform

Transparency: If given the chance to represent both the CUS and AMS, I will make it my duty to keep all students informed about any changes, proposals, or events happening by publishing concise and informative bi-monthly updates. This information will be easily accessible and readily available at all times. 

Inclusivity: I will represent every single individual here at Sauder regardless of year, specialization, club, etc and plan to continue help foster a safe and welcoming community. Part of my campaign is to hear from YOU because I plan to work for YOU. Talk to me in person / via social media, or fill out this google form to share with me your thoughts!

Community: By being both inclusive and transparent to our student body, I hope to foster growth in our community — personally, professionally, and academically — as more access to a variety of resources will be provided. Furthermore, I plan to advocate your voices at CUS and AMS meetings whilst discussing important topics such as funding and policies, and make the decision that best benefits our community.


Fourth Year Representative 

Shaurab Hamal

Shaurab Hamal is a third year student at the UBC Sauder School of Business. His specialization is in finance and he is in the co-op program at Sauder. He grew up in the lower mainland of British Columbia and decided to attend UBC because it was the best school close to his family. He has loved his time at UBC Sauder ever since, and is ready to help improve his school’s community. Shaurab wants to be a fourth year representative for the CUS in the upcoming year because he wants to create more opportunities for students to get involved on campus. For the entire undergraduate community of Sauder, Shaurab also wants to find a way help students handle school work, health, and wellness better. Outside of school, Shaurab loves to watch and play sports. Your vote counts, so vote for Shaurab as your fourth year representative in this year’s election!

Jessica Jiang


Hey, hi, hello! My name is Jessica Jiang and I am running to be one of your CUS Fourth Year Representatives for 2019 – 2020 with a focus on personal, community, and involvement growth for my cohort (and hopefully all students in Sauder as well)! From being the third year rep. for 2018-2019, I have learned a lot and cannot wait to continue to support the fellow Sauder community.

Here are my 3 platforms:




If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message – I’d be happy to chat with you!

Suprabhe Bellary

Hi, im commonly known as Sauder’s bae: superbae! Last year, I was heavily involved in budgeting the student fees across clubs and services after intricately understanding each line item on the appeals. This year, I aim to continue fostering the community through various services and reconsider the budgeting allocation to certain services. My mission is to critically evaluate the suggestions made by the review committee and utilize the monetary and non monetary resources in the most effective way. A vote for me is a vote for efficiency.

Vote suprabhe!

Third Year Representative 

Eric Jin Cheng

Hello Sauder! My name is Eric and I’m currently a Sophomore (2nd Year) studying in Sauder (in case that wasn’t clear). I was boring in China and immigrated to Canada when I was a prepubescent boy, I’ve lived in Vancouver for almost all my life now and have really grown a love for both countries. My passion for traveling led me to visit some of the coolest places on our planet, one example is Peru where I was able to hike in a blizzard and up to Macchu Picchu! Traveling and exploring are my biggest passions, later on into my senior years in high school and early years of university, I began to explore to new avenues of my environment through classes, friends, and clubs. If I had never stepped out of my comfort zone by exploring, I never would have known I was interested in finance, marketing and consulting and wanting to do these things as a career choice. At Sauder, I’ve been able to do all of that and have been grateful for all of the experiences I’ve been able to have so far and I hope to continue to expand my knowledge and give back to the community.


Kaartik Sathianarayanan Shakila

Kaartik Sathianaryanan Shakila is a second-year BCom student at the UBC Sauder School of Business. An eager finance-aspirant planning for a career in corporate development and capital markets. Having loved his two years in Sauder learning new subjects, forming new bonds and perspectives, he wants everyone to be welcomed like he was by the Sauder community. As an international student missing home, Sauder became his second home. By being a third year rep he will be able to work together with other representatives to make the student experience better for the existing students in the conferences, networking sessions and personal development workshops. Keeping the CUS mission statement in mind, he wants to make sure that there is a balance in all the three key areas of personal, professional and academic offered to the students. He also plans to make consensus on the various services and the students preferences. You can often see him outside school working out in the gym and learning new sports. Vote for Kaartik as your third year representative this year!

Second Year Representative 

Frank Pan

Hey Sauder!
To be frank, the reputation of the CUS is often misrepresented at UBC and together, we need to work to fix this.
My name is Frank Pan and I am extremely excited to run for second-year representative in the upcoming 2019/20 election!
I am an upbeat individual who loves meeting new people and sharing experiences with others. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, jamming out with some jazz, and going on adventures with friends. After working customer service jobs both on and off campus, I have developed strong interpersonal skills. Previously, in high school, I was the elected salutatorian of my graduating class, as well as president of both the Model United Nations club and the debate club. My passion for politics and debate will ensure our voices are heard with the CUS!
The CUS always flaunts its $1.2 million budget, but most Sauder students have no idea where that money goes! As your second-year representative, I will strive to inform all Sauder students about the budget plan, and specifically what their money is going towards. As well, I plan on improving the CUS’s relationships with other faculties. Together, we can work towards an even stronger undergraduate society.
Thank you for your support and best of luck with your classes! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via any of the platforms below:

Vote Frank Pan, and together we can improve our plan!

Elaine Zhang

S-A-U-D-E-R SAUDER JUMP ON IT! HEY SAUDER FIRST YEARS! My name is Elaine Zhang and I want to be your CUS second year rep.

My platform revolves around three initiatives: Connect, Convey and Lead by example

Connect: With over 700 first years in Sauder, I want to meet and connect with as many of you as possible. I will serve as the bridge between you and the CUS, always striving to improve the connection by conducting online and in-person surveys. I am and will always be accessible and present to listen.

Convey: A bridge works both ways, I will not only be your voice and convey your concerns, suggestions and comments to the Board of Directors. I will also keep you guys closely updated on all CUS opportunities and initiatives. Whether you’re here to learn, network, play, or all of the above, I’m sure you can find your niche within the CUS.

Lead by example. Sauder, especially the CUS, is a warm and welcoming place. Knowing that university can exert a lot of stress and negative energy, I aspire to always be optimistic, approachable and considerate. Though being your voice is important, I feel that it is even more crucial to offer you support, as a representative and as a friend.

Feel free to chat with me on social media or approach me in person. Always down to make new friends!

Passionate, patient and enthusiastic, my name is Elaine Zhang and I’m here for you. Be amaZhang and vote for Zhang.

Jenny Zhao

Hey guys! My name is Jenny Zhao and I am back at it again, running to be your CUS Second Year Rep. As you may wonder, why should you vote for me? Well, after surviving my first semester at Sauder, I now understand the difficulties that students face at the beginning of their independent lives. While more and more people begin to ask about our future plans, many of us have no idea how to answer these pressing questions. And while perfecting our resumes, looking for jobs, and struggling with our courses, we sometimes are so afraid of failure that we forget that we are all in this battle together. This is why I want to unify Sauder students and create support groups for all of us to connect, help, and guide each other through our academic and personal journeys. I want to make sure that second year students receive the help that they need when in times of doubt. Helping others is my passion, and if you ever need a friend to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Overall, I promise to give you the full support that you need during your second year at Sauder, and to be the voice of your thoughts and opinions to the CUS.