Jacqueline Wu

Jacqueline is a highly driven first year commerce student with a strong desire to serve the Sauder
community. During her time at Sauder, she hopes to enhance the university experience of her
peers by creating a positive environment to interact, learn, and grow with one another. She plans
to achieve this as the AMS Representative, linking the voice of Sauder students with the rest of
the UBC community.

As an individual, Jacqueline’s friends would refer to her as self-driven, hardworking, and
passionate; as a team member, she is open-minded, encourages team communication, and
welcomes diversity. As the AMS Representative, she is extremely excited to work with likeminded
peers to connect the stories of UBC students from many different backgrounds.
In her free time, you can often find her travelling, sweating in her “intense” fitness training
classes, or attempting to hike with her athletic friends. Apart from her hobbies, Jacqueline has
involved herself in many non-profit organizations, including Pro-Vision Vancouver, in which she
has founded in 2014. In the upcoming year, she hopes to further challenge herself by joining the
UBC Boxing club and continue seeking for more opportunities outside of school.