All Candidate’s Meeting 5:30pm September 19, HA 295


This is a friendly reminder that our All Candidate’s Meeting will be taking place tomorrow (September 19th) at 5:30pm in HA 295 again. I know many of you are busy with other interviews or studying, so please do not be late so we can start as soon as possible. I will make the meeting short and simple.
This meeting is MANDATORY. If you absolutely cannot be there, please sent me an email with your reason and we will work something out. (
What to bring:
1. Yourself
2. Nomination and Agreement Form (filled out not empty please)
3. Any Questions
What to email me by 5:30pm tomorrow:
1. Send in your Platform/Bio (150-250 words) and photo of yourself for the website! (mandatory). Here are some examples:
2. Send your letter sized .pdf file of your poster to me so I can print it for you (optional). Please have a 1/8 inch border so the ink doesn’t spill over. Printing will be ready for pickup 3pm Friday CLC 205 and again 9:30-11:20am Monday CLC 205.
You can have full colour. Please keep in mind that if you want to print it on your own you can, and I will reimburse your printing costs.