In Case You Missed the BoD Elections Info Session

It’s too bad you missed the info session but I’ll give you the powerpoint so you can get an idea of what you need to know, the main thing I’ll cover is the nomination process because everything else will be covered at the All Candidates Meeting for those who decide to go forward with running for a BoD position.

For nomination process all of the following must to be provided to the CUS Elections Committee prior to the All Candidates Meeting on January 23rd at 6pm:

  • A 20+ student endorsement form, signed by fellow BCom students, a student can only endorse 1 candidate therefore it’s recommended that you collect more the 20 endorsements in case a student has signed multiple endorsements accidentally.
    • If you are planning to run for a year representative position the signatures can only be from that year, example: 1st years for 2nd year rep, 2nd years for 3rd year rep, etc
  • A 150 word platform, an autobiography/statement of platform, and a photo (150 x 200, .jpg) should be emailed to the CUS Elections Committee at
  • Signed candidates agreement.

The candidates agreement and the nomination forms are available on the CUS Elections website at

If any of these are not provided to the CUS Election Committee by January 23rd at 6pm you will not be considered to be a candidate for the Board of Directors Elections.

The All-Candidates Meeting will take place on January 23rd at 6:30pm in HA237.

Look over the powerpoint and if you have any questions feel free to email me.