Meet the First Year Rep Candidates

You’ve met the AMS reps, but are you ready for the First Year Reps? Check out their photogenic headshots and witty blurbs below!




My name is Allison Cheng, a dedicated individual who is committed to bringing changes to Sauder and make our year the best one ever! I strongly believe in staying involved and bringing people together, therefore, I will ensure that there will be more social gathering events such as theme night, group selfie contests, and short films that will document our first year’s ups and downs, funny and memorable moments in Sauder. Through these events, I hope Sauderites can get themselves out there, collaborate with others and create greater outcomes- no matter if it’s for a group project or just homework.

Furthermore, I hope to provide better amenities for the student lounge, which includes a more advanced coffee machine, ensuring that we all get good coffees to start off the day (or pull an all-nighter). Others include a phone charging station, event/party calendar, better pool sticks (nice and chalked).

Academics is a big part of the Sauder life, therefore, I want this part of the year to be productive yet enjoyable. During the period before mid-term, I want to host a massive group study session/sleepover where we can all pull all-nighters together, with refreshments provided, such as Redbull, Monster, or Startbucks coffee. Meanwhile, I will try to connect with the TAs and ask them to provide some last-minute help in the study session.

There are still many things that I want to include to make Sauder a better community, a better home. Let me know and I could make it right for you!





Hello my name is David Lee. I love finance, basketball and getting to know people.

I would also love to serve as your CUS First Year Representative!

I am running for First Year Representative because I believe I have the skills and passion to maximize the well being of fellow first-year Sauder students, and I strive to enhance your Sauder experience by bringing CUS attention to your valuable ideas and by addressing your concerns. Having already had the pleasure of meeting many of you, I am convinced that we can build a great first year class together.

As First Year Representative I would advocate for more First Year events so that you have many opportunities to become friends with fellow first year students and push for provision of resources that combat common first year problems and stresses.

I am approachable, open-minded, friendly, and passionate. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more about my platform, express your ideas, or meet a fellow first year Sauder student!

Allow me the privilege to serve as your CUS First Year Representative, and I promise to work hard fulfill my duties and to ensure that you have a fantastic first year at Sauder!

Thank you and good luck to all candidates!



Eileen Li Headshot


 My name is Eileen Li. I’m running to be the CUS First Year Rep because I believe that I can build for my fellow first years the most legendary first year experience ever. My platform is comprised of three main promises: The Promise of Camaraderie, of Opportunity, and of Engagement.


As your representative, I will ensure that first years have access to first-year exclusive events that will allow us all to connect on a more genuine level. Smaller-scale fun events will provide us all with chances to interact on a more intimate level and create real friendships.


Sauder is brimming with networking events. However, there aren’t many geared exclusively toward first years. My solution is simple; as your CUS First Year Representative, I will ensure that some networking events and workshops are geared exclusively for first years, with the purpose of helping us explore our options and improve our networking skills.


Not only do I promise to always keep you informed about the daily going-ons of the CUS, I also promise to act as a strong First Year voice and ensure that our opinions are heard during CUS meetings. You will never have to worry about not being heard, because I will always advocate what we (as first years) want and need.

Join me as I strive to create for our Class of 2019 an amazing, fun community in which we can truly grow and thrive. #leanoneileen

Learn more at





Hello first year Sauderites! My name is Evan Zhou, and I’m running to be our CUS First Year Representative. Like many of you, my first few weeks has brought me together with an amazing community of individuals here at UBC, who are all creating a new life in this incredible place. Inspired by all of you, I want to create an environment of comradeship and friendly competition between the diverse group of individuals that make up our Sauder crew! I’m planning to bring my personal desire for transparency in organization, and proactive engagement with the community to make sure that the whole community knows exactly who the CUS are, what we do and why we do it. Together with the strength of everyone in our Faculty, my dream is to create a space where we can overcome our challenges together, create unforgettable university memories and experience life with creativity, passion and innovation.




Hailing from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I yearn for a global and urban community, this is one of the major reasons why I chose to run as a first year representative in the Sauder School of Business. My name is Jessica Maureira, and I am quite different from my counterparts in Bolivia: I have travelled to numerous places to learn about different cultures and ideas, participated in various community service projects, immersed myself in academic research, and committed myself to social justice. Back in Bolivia I was involved in the Student Council throughout all high school, as well as NHS and many more clubs. With the help of my peers, we managed to achieve lasting changes in our community. I started as a student volunteer and reached the highest roles and positions that where offered in my school. This demonstrated my leaderships skills, in which I organized the first race for this non-profit club in my country, created five clubs and was the only representative for my country in all international activities, for a period of two years, such as participating as a volunteer in Philippines. demonstrated how I managed to achieve so many things in high school, I will do even more in the CUS. This is what I have to offer CUS – dedication, hard work and perseverance.  My philosophy is to not just talk about what I want to do in life but to go out there and complete the necessary steps to achieve my dreams, “When there is a will there is way”.



The first year experience is unique and it is within this time of change, that we grow as individuals and discover our goals, our passions and who we are. I am committed to creating an experience where everyone can bond and develop using the amazing resources and opportunities that Sauder has to offer. First year isn’t the time to limit yourself! It is the time to break through your boundaries and throw yourself out there. I believe that all of us at UBC can achieve greatness far beyond our own expectations. I will work hard with the CUS to ignite a flame in the hearts of the students of Sauder and create a community where we can support each other with resources, opportunities and encouragement.



To lead is to be able to empower those around you in achieving their maximum potential. As your First Year Representative, I would not only perform the requisite duties of the position, but go above and beyond in order to strengthen our first year community. We are all in the same position, entering a new chapter of our lives. Creating an open, safe community is crucial to our cumulative success, and I hope to facilitate this as not only your peer, but as your friend.

As a component of my platform, I hope to encourage bonding within our community through keeping our first year Sauder Facebook page an active and useful discussion space so that I can collect feedback as to problems my peers are encountering. I will make sure first years are not left out on the important going-ons within the CUS. We are the future business leaders of the world, we are the ones that will be out there making things happen, we will be making the world awesome. Let’s start by making things happen right here at Sauder, and making it as awesome as can be! 



Hello my fellow Sauder students! My name is Murtaza Jaffery and I am running to be a CUS First Year Representative. You may know me as the dude with the half up half down bun (I have actually not seen any other guy with the same hairstyle in Sauder) or as the person who is often spotted playing pool in the Sauder Lounge. In my spare time, I like biking, showing magic tricks, meeting new people, and napping (gotta get that 8 hours of sleep somehow).

The main reason I want to be a First Year Representative is to contribute to our fantastic faculty as well as to make a positive difference in the UBC community. As your representative, some of the goals that I plan to achieve are:

·         Make sure you stay in the CUS loop and know what’s happening behind the scenes,

·         Bridge the gap between Sauder and other faculties, and of course the most anticipated,

·         Get new cue tips for the billiards cues.

If you have any questions, ideas or just want to have a nice chat and maybe watch a magic trick, feel free to approach me if you see me or you can even just message me.

A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You, Vote Murtaza Jaffery To Represent You!


Namdar Shafiei Head Shot

My aims are incredibly simple: I don’t want the voice of a single first year student at Sauder to go unheard. To implement this, as your First Year Representative, I will have an “open door” policy. This means you can approach me at anytime in any manner you wish, be it in person around the hallways, over Facebook, or even over e-mail. If you have an idea, any idea, just approach me, let me know, and I will make it my priority to ensure it’s heard at the CUS meetings. I will be making an active effort to create more unity amongst all first years at Sauder as well. Feel as if you don’t know your fellow year-mates quite well? I will ensure that by the end of your second semester they’ll be like your family. Finally, I’m not just another campaigner looking to get this position for my résumé; I’m in it for the first years. I’d like to get to know each and every one of you, and I’d like all of you to get to know me. My efforts to know my graduating class won’t end when I’m elected, it will just begin.




Hey! Bonjour! 你好! Привет! 您好! Hola! Guten Tag! नमस्ते! 今日は ! 안녕! Chào chị! 你好! ԲարևՁեզ! to everyone at Sauder.

I’m Margarita Kim, but I go with Rita for short, and I’m running to become your first year representative.

Who am I?

  • 5’2 monochrome loving soul that enjoys sushi, documentaries, and long talks over coffee

Am I qualified for this position?

  • Yes, I am an approachable, honest, & easy-going person that can occasionally think of brilliant puns. I’m also quite organized so if you’re ever not sure of any deadlines, feel free to ask me.

 What will I do as a first year rep?

  • Act as our student voice to foster change!
  • Promote a sense of community & family amongst first-years

 What makes me different?

  • I strive to take initiative in empowering others to take initiative for themselves, because everyone’s voice is important, and should be heard and acted upon.


  1. If you ever see me don’t hesitate to come and talk. Tell me about your life problems, your passions, your dreams!!!


Good luck to everyone.




Dear Fellow First Years,

My name is Sheldon Chang and I am running to be your CUS First Year Representative.

Let’s face it. We all come from different schools and backgrounds, and perhaps different countries. Finding your place in this new environment is nothing short of a challenge. As your first year representative, I want to ensure that all students can engage themselves in the Sauder community to enrich both their own lives as well  as the lives of others. I also want to link people together to build connections and lasting friendships.
I am a people person who will make every effort to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. I am relatable and dependable and I believe I have the necessary skills  for this position. This is why I ask for this opportunity to be your voice in the CUS as I continue to build relationships with each of you – to discover your needs to ensure that the decisions made by the CUS will benefit you.

Feel free to approach me if you have further questions regarding my platform.





While it is in our nature as business students to want to shoot for every executive position there is to better our skill-sets, I believe that the CUS First Year Representative position should warrant a much greater respect than just a resume booster. In my eyes, the CUS First Year Representative has a unique opportunity to become immersed in the lives of the students, as well as the leaders of the Sauder community, giving them the power to create a positive and helpful environment in which everyone can prosper. For this reason, the CUS First Year Rep is my dream job. Throughout high school, my dearest passion has been helping others in any way I can, whether that is through emotional support or simply offering answers to questions they may have. I plan on bringing this passion to the CUS with a new enthusiastic force in order to: make every first year student feel like they are part of a family that is there to support them through the many trials that they will face at university; offer more resources and awareness for the importance of physical and mental wellness; and to accurately and empathetically address the concerns and ideas that my fellow first year students have. If elected as First Year Rep, my goal is to bring a brand new light of wholeness and togetherness to the CUS.