How do I run for a position?

For the 2018 Election, the following positions are available

  • Year 2 Representative (2)
  • Year 3 Representative (2)
  • Year 4 Representative (2)
  • AMS Representative (1)
  • Student Senator (1)
  • Ombusperson (1)
  • President (1)

But how do I get this amazing position?

There are a few key steps that you’ll have to do to make it happen:

1) Nominations

The 2019 CUS General Election Information Session was held on Thursday, January 10th. The committee explained the election process and handed out the CUS nomination forms. If you were unable to make it you can access the PDF of the information slides here. You will also need to print out this nomination form and fill it out.

You’ll need 20 endorsements/signatures from your fellow first-year students. In addition, this year we are introducing an online form to supplement the nomination form where you can get signatures for your candidacy. You can access that form here.

Remember: Students can only nominate two other people to run! It is your duty to inform this to students nominating you.

2) Platform, posters and emailing information

Write a 150-250 word platform for the CUS Elections Website. This will usually be a few sentences about yourself, with the remainder about why you want to run and win the election. You will also need to send in a picture of yourself, minimum of 800px by 800px.

We will also need you to design posters that you would like to use during the campaigning process (Step 4). These posters are letter (8.5″ x 11″) sized. We will not accept any posters that don’t meet these requirements.

3) The All-Candidates Meeting

This is where you bring your nomination form. The All-Candidates Meeting will take place on Thursday,  January 17th in HA 243 @ 6:00 pm. Attendance is mandatory for those who are running! We’ll be covering some very important information about the campaigning and voting period.

4) Campaigning and the All-Candidates Forum

After the All-Candidates Meeting is done, the campaigning period has officially begun! Congrats you are officially a running candidate! This is your time to get out there and let everyone in your year know that you’re running for a position in the CUS and ensure that they’ll be voting for you. You’ll be putting posters up in the permitted areas around Henry Angus and doing what you can to win votes!

There will be an All-Candidates Forum (Monday, January 28th in the CPA Hall @6:00 pm) This is where all of the candidates will face a debate-style setting where the Elections Committee will ask questions about the CUS to the candidates. The audience will also be allowed to ask questions as well, so be prepared for anything!

5) Voting period

This is it! This is the time where you have to make sure everyone goes online and votes for you. There are restrictions in place for what exactly you, as a candidate, can and cannot do.

Voting opens shortly after the All-Candidates Forum ends and will remain open for 48 hours.


You can find out more about all of the positions in the CUS here