First Year Representatives

Ethan Calvin Sequeira

We, our fellow classmates, you and I, we are the ones who will mould the future. For too long has our name been thrown in the dirt, corruption, exploitation and other such rotten apples are ruining our batch. Sauder unspoken shines light on the several issues sown deep in the ground. It is up to us, to shake the earth to the grassroot level. It is up to us, we the people who will make the system in the future. It is up to us to make sure in these genesis stages of our lives, we must graduate as individuals who define a system people don’t blame, we must shape a system of prosperity and acceptance. This spark of glorious purpose and valour exists in every one of us. I intend to fan this spark into a flame and make sure everyone says our name with rigour, respect and responsibility. We, you and I, we are all on the same boat, to conquer with excellence. We can’t let our Sauder ship sink to the vortex incompetency, inadequacy and inequality. I intend to change the system. I intend to harbour in the unabashed winds of tolerance and opportunity. It is our duty to shape the system, lets seize the stars and triumph to the greatest good.

Smit Sutariya

Hi, my name is Smit Sutariya and I am your fellow first year student. Things are different this year, especially the first year experience at UBC Sauder considering everything is online. It can be quite challenging to keep up with all the assignments, quizzes, club involvement, events, prep work, conferences and other activities which, unfortunately, are online. This is why my primary objective as a first year representative at CUS will be to help you find the right balance between the three CUS values: Personal, Professional and Academic development. Personal: I intend to help you socialize and maximize student involvement by initiating more online engagement opportunities. These virtual events and activities will be designed to make Sauder students feel engaged and supported. Effective communication using the new app “Flurrish” and other mediums will help you to keep an eye on the hundreds of events.  Professional: I intend to create opportunities and help students to gain an insight into their future career plans. I recognize the importance of professional development which is why I aim to host traditional networking events, information sessions and professional opportunities online. I will work with the CUS, UGO and Business Career Centre to ensure that no student misses out on any opportunities.  Academic: I intend to help you take full advantage of existing academic resources such as sauder business review, commerce mentorship program and more. In addition to this, I plan to work on a new service called “PAL” – Peer Assisted Learning wherein upper year students will facilitate and promote discussions for the students in years below.

Sukhseerat Kaur

Hey guys!! I am Sukhseerat, and I am running to be your First Year Representative for CUS. I am from Punjab, a state in Northern India. I’ve been the House Caption in my school’s prefectural board.  I believe that everyone has their own way of thinking, and every one of us wants our opinions to be heard. I think a first-year rep is a bridge between the CUS and first-year students.   But now the question is, why should you vote for me when we haven’t even met? Or maybe why should you choose me over other candidates?  Here are a couple of reasons for you to vouch for me:  • This year, everything being online, what we are all missing is a sense of belongingness; I want us to be more connected than ever. • I ensure to create a respectful and open-minded community where we can all feel free to express our views without being criticized. • I will always try my best to present your needs and wants to the CUS and get them fulfilled.  I really hope to be given a chance to serve as a First-year Representative. If you want to know anything about me or my plans, feel free to connect with me, I would love to know you all on a personal level as well. Hit me up!!  Instagram: @__.sirat Snapchat: @sahluwalia2408 WhatsApp: +91 6283083140

Vanessa Núñez

Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa Nunez, and I am running for a first-year representative of the CUS.  You can call me Vane (Vah-ne not Vain but say it as you’d like).  I was born in El Salvador, and I’ve lived here all my life. However, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to different places to learn about other cultures, except I’ve never been to Canada, which I find quite funny. Moving to an entirely new place is scary. Still, so far, the experiences that I’ve had with Sauder people and UBC people, in general, have been memorable, and I am so excited to become part of this great community. I’ll be honest with you. Online school sucks. I wish I could be there with all my heart to hang out with my new friends and have lectures in person to experience college life firsthand. Still, I’ll make sure that this year we have the best experience possible. In school, I’ve had different positions in student government. I know how important the students’ voice is for an educational institute’s success, so I believe I’ve got excellent qualities to be a great first representative. I’ve already met so many people from the first year that are amazing. I’m hoping I can meet many more of you soon, don’t hesitate to contact me on my socials or reach out wherever you want. I promise I’ll work with you to make this first year the best.

Tirth Choksey

“Online Communal Engagement/Involvement” Since, this is the first time for all of us studying online it can be incredibly stressful commencing our first year this way. Hence, my goal is to make first year students feel more supported and welcomed in the Sauder community. Making connections online, that’s difficult right? By capitalizing on applications such as Flurrish and Ten Thousand Coffees UBC, we can eradicate the divide amongst us. Moreover, as time zone differences is a huge issue for a majority of us while attending events, I would have events organised that cater to multiple time zones allowing each student to actively be a part of Sauder and feel welcomed.  Also, I believe creating a platform which would allow first year students to pair up with upper year students to gain mentorship and get a real feel of the Sauder community from experienced seniors, would be beneficial. “Health and Wellness Culture”  Online learning has caused so many of us to be locked in our rooms, causing health and wellness issues. Hence, I plan to setup a platform where students facing any kind of difficulties could speak to others on a 1-1 basis to resolve their issues. “Personal and Professional Development” The current scenario has left millions jobless in the world leaving all university students perplexed with what to do next. Hence, organising workshops and smaller group meeting with the BCC and UGO would help student’s gain an insight into what resources should they capitalise best on to achieve their goals.

Linda Cen

Hello! My name is Linda Cen and I’m from Calgary, Alberta. I plan to specialize in marketing but I also have an interest in sustainability and real estate. Some of my hobbies include cooking, making music, and anything fashion related. Joining Sauder as the CUS First Year Representative means I will relentlessly advocate for our year’s concerns and ideas for both the academic and personal environments at Sauder. The first point I want to highlight is improving our year’s college experience, especially since it is online. I want to push for specific activities for next year, so we at least get some of the in-person experiences of being college freshmen. My second topic focuses on the prevalent issues brought up by the Sauder Unspoken page. My goal is to gather input specifically from the first year community for many of the systemic issues to see how we can implement changes or at the bare minimum, bring greater awareness to the issues discussed. Furthermore, I aim to establish safe spaces in collaboration with Sauder Wellness groups so students can talk to others with similar experiences in order to foster a supportive environment. Finally, I aspire to expand Sauder’s culture of collaboration and the opportunities available for first year students. I have new ideas that I believe will be beneficial for my cohort year, however I will still embark on a journey to find any gaps our year has through surveys, discussions, and the conduction of my own research.

Kaishaun Carter

Hey I’m Kaishaun Carter and it is my honour to be running for first year representative of the CUS. As a first year representative my duty will be to represent the opinion and position of all first year Sauder students. I intend to do this by staying in constant contact with my fellow peers, amplifying voices relevant to the area of concerns while making sure everyone’s opinion is heard, and helping improve your lives personally, professionally and academically through the CUS. A little bit more about myself: I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life and I’m on the UBC Football team. I love helping others which I hope to do as your CUS first year representative. Thanks for reading

Clyde Rafael

I’m a firm believer that learning is not limited within the 4 corners of the classroom. There are so many values and lessons to be learned from social interactions that we can apply in our education, profession and beyond Sauder. As most people say, 5 years is the new 4. We have all these years ahead of us, so we might as well enjoy our time.   As a Sauder student, we get a negative stigma for being “Sauder Snakes,” but from the students I’ve met so far, that is simply not the case. We are a group of talented individuals who shouldn’t be judged at first glance by the school or faculty we attend. I want to remove the stigma and create a long-lasting change. As Sauder’s foundation, we should spark the change for our benefit and future Sauder students.   Finally, I want to provide a platform where we embrace our unique characters and strengths, in business terms, our “Point of difference.” I don’t think that there’s a cookie-cutter method that will lead us to the right profession. There are several paths to success, and I want to ensure that there are opportunities available to help us explore these different paths. When we leave Sauder, we should feel a sense of fulfillment and joy in a profession that makes us happy. If my vision resonates with you, take the STRIDE for change and Vote for Clyde!

Danny Yang

Hi there! My name is Danny Yang, a first year BCOM student at Sauder. A lot of us can agree that online learning has presented us with many challenges, both inside and out of the classroom. I’ve had weeks myself where I’d spend hours anxiously sifting through canvas to see if there are any quizzes or assignments that I have missed. We also cannot deny the impact that a lack of in-person interaction has had on our relationship with our peers.   As one of your first year CUS representatives I will work with endless diligence to represent your voice in the CUS board of directors. In addition to having your voices be heard, I want to advocate for actual policies and events that will exploit the untapped opportunities and strengths of online learning while minimizing the many weaknesses and threats. One of my biggest goals is to help find an alternate solution to the use of Proctorio as well as addressing the different physical and mental stresses we face during class. Furthermore, through the use of new and different online platforms I believe that we can create engaging and meaningful events that go beyond pleasantries or academic interactions. Above all I want to help foster a community that embraces sincerity, ambition, and empathy. Our possibilities are endless when we take the time to look out for each-other and for ourselves.

Jasmin Singh

I am passionate about becoming your first year representative because I am committed to influencing the decision making processes, within the board of directors, by means of connecting with students – not only across my cohort – but across the entire Sauder community. I have the compassion to listen and will use this skill to develop entrusting relationships with the entire student body. Ultimately, I will be committed to clearly and confidently representing your voice all whilst adhering to Sauder’s core values: rigour, respect and responsibility.

Doris Huang

Hello everyone!  My name is Doris Huang and I am thrilled to be running as your First Year Representative! Taking into consideration my own experiences this past month, I have concluded three words to bring positive change to Sauder: knowledge, engagement, and community.   Knowledge: “Wait, that was yesterday?” I don’t know about you, but I am OVERWHELMED  by the amount of information that I received, and the deadlines I had to keep track of since the beginning of term. I am committed to creating an easily accessible calendar catered to first year students filled with information ranging from important deadlines to fun events and exciting opportunities.  Engagement: Being a First Year Representative means serving you! I want you to hear your amazing ideas and opinions. It is my goal to establish a platform where students can post questions, concerns, and give feedback on CUS activities, as well as give recommendations for future events.   Community: Quarantine has made us more isolated than ever, but it will not stop us from forming a warm Sauder community! I seek to hold bi-weekly hour long meetings where we can discuss daily challenges we face and work to overcome them together! I will also invite professors and upper year students to join to share their opinions and advice on recurring subjects.   Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions, concerns or suggestions!

Jason Liao

Hey, what’s up! My name is Jason. I grew up here in Vancouver and, like many of my friends, dreamed of attending UBC from day one. I’m a life-long athlete, proud environmental activist, and EDM enthusiast. What you care more about than my resume, though, is what I stand for and what I’ll advocate for:  1. Increased funding for entrepreneurs and social initiatives. Many of us came to Sauder because we wanted to learn how to start a business or non-profit. In CUS, I’d like to spearhead a fund to invest in Sauder’s student-led startups, and make grants accessible to students who want to start a social initiative.  2. Privacy Concerns (about Proctorio). While desperate times call for desperate measures, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our privacy. In CUS, I’ll echo student concerns about Proctorio and look into less invasive options.  3. Your undergraduate experience. If you feel disadvantaged by starting your undergrad education this year, you’re not alone. I’m not going to tell you to ‘look on the bright-side’ or spew some quote about “resilience” – because frankly, I’m sick of hearing them myself. What I will do, however, is fight tooth and nail for the college experience that you signed up for.   If you care about these things as much as I do, I’d be honoured to have your vote. Despite the uncertainty, despite not being able to throw a dorm-room rager, despite everything, let’s make this one of the most noteworthy classes in Sauder history. Cheers, Jason

Jessica Wauran

Hey Sauder first-years! My name is Jessica and I want to work with YOU this year 🙂  My goal for us at Sauder is to Cultivate Community through Connection and Communication. With first year being online, it is increasingly important for us to connect with each other beyond our zoom classes through social media and online events. Due to these unique circumstances, you might have missed some involvement opportunities and I want to work toward expanding the CUS’ social media presence through heightened advertising and regularly scheduled announcements. I want to support you, wherever you are in the world, because you are a vital part of our community. I will work to ensure that the clubs, services, and events in the CUS are accessible to everyone, regardless of location. As your First Year Representative, I want to hear from you! Whether it be about event ideas or advocating against the use of Proctorio, I will prioritize listening to your voices and frequently communicating your suggestions directly to the Board of Directors. If I am elected, I will commit to being available every month to meet and speak with you. I encourage your feedback and will ensure transparency with you regarding all things CUS. Ultimately, I want to connect and communicate with you! Please reach out to me on Facebook/Instagram (@jessicawauran) if you have any questions; I would love to hear your thoughts or simply chat! Let’s create an engaging community through involvement and working toward equal opportunities for all!

Elissac Kim

Hello Sauder! My name is Elissac Kim, and I’m running to be your next CUS First Year Representative! This year has been unpleasantly wild. Who’d have thought that our Sauder journey would start with endless zoom calls, 3 AM lectures, and unique google extensions? This year seems like it has been out of our control; however, you can change that. A vote in someone who understands your frustrations has years of leadership experience, and is wanting to advocate for your well-being is the answer. 1. Sympathy: Driven by sympathy, the voice you give me will only be used to benefit you. By implementing an exclusive first-year CUS Mailbox system, you will be able to tell me what you want to see changes in. Responses will be timely, personalized, and disclose what immediate actions I took upon reading your email to address it.  2. Accessibility: Ever notice that $175 CUS fee? It’s only natural that you should have access to and awareness of everything that is available. More support is needed, connecting you to what’s yours. But what is? As FYR I will answer that question by working closely with the UGO, CUS, AMS, and Faculty staff to deliver all opportunities through direct sourcing. 3. Transparency: I believe in the power of accountability and trust through transparency. Through implementing a monthly report that will release in the CUS Sunday newsletter and all FYC platforms. This monthly report will disclose what I have been doing to address your concerns, ideas, and visions.

Trishant Gill

My name is Trishant Gill and I would be honoured to be elected your first-year representative within the Commerce Undergraduate Society. As a former student council president, the principles of team building, community leadership, and event planning have always been important to me. In the troubling times we’re currently in, connecting with our peers through the virtual platforms we have can often feel isolating. Thus, I pledge to represent my fellow Sauder first-years on social networking by actively prioritizing and promoting our need for new events and activities, whether they be online or in-person. I strive to help make new friendships, memories, and laughs during the untimely circumstances of COVID-19, and make this year an unforgettable experience for Sauder students. I’m sure many of us are familiar with the repercussions we see when we allow sexual misconduct to foster on our CUS facilities. As such, I aspire to bring about a fundamental change to the culture which the CUS perpetuates in multiple ways, particularly by helping create new platforms for students to come to as victims of sexual abuse and implementing firmer disciplinary actions for such behaviour across all levels of organization administrations. Furthermore, I’m hoping to educate myself and my fellow CUS board participants on topics such as diversity training to better interact with our international student community and to ensure that we can be as inclusive to them as possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my platform!