AMS Representative

Akshita Aggarwal

Growing up as a pro-active and outgoing child, I ventured into a lot of different activities to show my talent. I was a part of the basketball team in my early elementary school years and joined Rotaract that opened the door for mentoring and helping others at an early age. Also, being a committee head and in- charge of approximately 80 delegates for a 3 days event, on introspection I found that my strength had been ‘people management’. Apart from the enormous wealth of learning that I took away from this opportunity, my team members gifted me a compilation of memories filled with their personal experiences of working with me. Further, being inspired by many entrepreneurs through their stories and start-ups, I have frequently used my creativity to bring a lot of entrepreneurial ideas to life. I started venturepreneur- a student led initiative that aims realising one’s true entrepreneurial potential through modules,workshops and a B-plan competition. Young entrepreneurs get trained, discuss and work on their most inspirational ideas. I aspire to receive a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University of British Columbia. My intended major is economics. I envision myself equipped with latest technology and managerial skills to create impactful products/services that influence the world in an optimistic manner while also setting a positive example for those that come behind me.

Jason Liao

Hey Everybody! Whenever I tell someone that I’m on the board of directors for the CUS, I’m usually met with the same question: so, um, what exactly do you guys do? Despite being composed solely of elected representatives, the CUS leadership remains an enigma to most of the student body. If elected, among other things, I’ll work to make AMS and CUS initiatives more transparent – so you don’t have to watch 14 hours of board meeting zoom recordings to figure out what your representatives are up to. A rep should be more than just someone who operates in a soundproof chamber – it should be a friendly face, a familiar voice, and someone that you’d be willing to share a (non-alcoholic) drink over a bucket of chicken wings with. If this is the kind of representation you want, I’d be honoured to have your vote 🙂 Take care – Jason

Jasmin Singh

Hey Sauder! My name is Jasmin Singh and I am a first year commerce student running to be your AMS Representative. I live each day free-spirited and kind-hearted. I remain resilient through life’s challenges which allows me to develop into a more knowledgeable and relatable person. If given the opportunity to serve as the AMS Representative, I will work every day to resolve issues that are important to YOU. I strive to effectively work with both the CUS and AMS to make critical decisions pertaining to students. I will foster an inclusive community that both recognizes and celebrates the diversity that makes up the student body. I will cary forth essential life skills I have acquired – accountability, drive and humility – into this position and fulfill my role to the highest standard. All the best, Jasmin