Fourth Year Representatives

Aditya Surjewala

Just as every single aspect of a supply chain is essential for efficiency, I believe every single student studying at Sauder is an integral part of creating an inclusive, collaborative and supportive community. Currently in my third year, majoring in operations and logistics, I will push for increased synchronous and asynchronous events for academic, extra-curricular and networking activities. One of my main goal would be to ensure that CUS’s budget is being utilized in the interest of soon-to-be graduating 4th year students. Over the past years, both the Sauder and UBC community has banded together to stand up and fight for the issues they believe in- be it racial equality, women empowerment or reconciling with First Nations. I strongly believe the responsibility of an undergraduate society and its elected leaders is to be representatives of the students and join forces to battle against these issues. As a 4th year representative, this trust and collaboration is exactly what I aim to achieve. Through more engaged and direct conversations between students, alumni and the student council, I hope to bring increased transparency to the CUS to be the voice of Sauder and be the voice of every one of you.

Simon Roberts

Hi everyone. I’m Simon, and I’m counting on your vote to be your 4th year representative for the 2021-2022 year. My key reason for running is simple: I believe that students should pay less in fees during an ongoing pandemic. The shift to virtual learning has been tough on many of us, both emotionally and financially. As a student representative, I probably can’t help with the first. I promise to do my best with the latter. The outgoing finance team has taken strides to lower the cost burden in the form of student fees; however, to continue this momentum the new board will have to be even more prudent in managing the society’s finances. I think I can accomplish this. Here are the ways I plan on using the privileges of the board to make this happen: 1) I won’t accept new spending without finding materials ways to cut the fat elsewhere 2) I promise to be extremely critical if appointed to the budget committee 3) I will ensure that services act in good faith ways that benefit the wider student body by carrying out due diligence. This includes keeping the society’s name out of UBC confessions. If you think the best way your opinion can be represented in the CUS is by cutting service or initiative spending, thus decreasing the BCom student fee, then you can be confident I share your interest. Think small.