Tirth Choksey

Hey Sauderites!! I am Tirth Choksey, and I am running for your CUS Ombudsperson. I am running for this position because I wish to serve the Sauder community. I am someone who enjoys working and helping people and hence I am standing for this position, as it would give me an opportunity to help my Sauder fellow mates. I yearn to be the medium between the student body, CUS and the Sauder School of Business to facilitate smooth and effective communication. The nitty gritties associated with this position, make it even more exciting for me. Being the Ombudsperson I would ensure four things and that is F.A.C.T: Fairness, Accountability, Common Interest and Transparency. I intend to have utmost transparency by making all the operations and activities under the CUS available to every member of the Sauder community, so that everyone has their right to information. I stand to safeguard the right of every individual and improve policies for better equitability. I aim to make every active member of the CUS accountable for their actions, while guaranteeing a thorough investigation for any issue brought to my notice. Being the Ombudsperson, I stand for equality ensuring everyone gets an equal opportunity at Sauder. I aim to create a fair environment without bias and discrimination. Lastly, I wish to build upon the discipline and culture of the CUS, ensuring every student has a wonderful undergraduate experience. I intend on keeping the best interests of the Sauder community in mind and plan to create a safer, transparent, and fair environment.

Doris Huang

Hey! My decision to run for CUS Ombudsperson stems from my determination to provide you an empathic office that will not only listen to your voice, but fearlessly advocate for you to ensure that you can THRIVE in the Sauder community. So why me? Here’s a fun fact, I have been riding horses for almost a decade now, and I discovered that not paying attention to how my horse feels or being angry at her will quickly land me in the dirt. So YOU CAN BET that I have the soft skills of empathy and patience to understand your concerns. Moreover, I also have a background in debate and MUN, I am confident in my skill of analyzing an issue at its roots and advocating for you in front of the Board of Directors or the Executive Council. Be it online or in person, I want my YOU to feel comfortable in sharing your concerns with me and feel reassured by the knowledge that I will do everything in my power to set you up for success. Cheers!