Priscilla Chan

Hi, my name is Priscilla Chan and I am excited to be running for the position of CUS President in the upcoming 2019/20 election! As a current fourth year student heading into my last year at Sauder, I’m passionate about giving back to the Sauder community and making a positive impact by supporting students and giving them opportunities for personal development and growth. My time as the Commerce Student Senator, Senate Representative on the AMS Council as well as Chairperson of the Board of Directors this year has given me ample knowledge and understanding about how the CUS operates. Those positions have also taught me effective interpersonal and strong management skills. As your elected President, I will ensure that all your voices are heard when I represent our faculty at multiple areas within the university. In addition, I will be promoting strong interfaculty relations through collaborations, attending meetings with other faculties to build strong relationships with them. Thank you for your support and I wish everyone running in the elections the best of luck!


Taryn Jessop

Taryn is a fourth year, BTM and OBHR student. She has been very involved in the Sauder community over the years, and loves helping others create their sense of belonging. Taryn has been the VP Mental Wellness for Sauder Health and Wellness for the last two years, and is also the current CEA Director in charge of Spark Chats. She has been an Imagine Day Leader, a Spark Leader or a Spark Crew member every year since her first year. In her second year, Taryn served as the Ombudsperson where she sat on committees such as Executive Council Hiring Committee, Budget Committee, and Policy and Organizational Development Committee.
Taryn’s presidential platform (Sustainability & Support) points are as follows:
– Analyze the previous Board of Directors’ performance.
– Review and continue with the CUS Strategic Plan.
– Continue to increase transparency and accountability through timely reporting to
constituents and initiatives such as the Community Pulse.
– Foster engagement between students and undergraduate societies.
Within the CUS:
– Increase access to wellness resources for leaders.
– Empower student leaders to support and educate their teams about wellness.
Within Sauder:
– Improve awareness of campus resources.
– Organize more wellness events.
– Solidify resources for sexual assault and harassment relief.
– Promote inclusive terminology and a safe community.
Within UBC Campus:
– Unity – Connect more with campus community; we are Sauder students but also
UBC students.
– Collaboration – Work with other faculties and UBC organizations to promote
important causes.
– Wellness – Demonstrate Sauder’s commitment to promoting wellness for all