James Chen

Hi, my name is James Chen. Having been with the CUS for almost two years, as First Year Representative, AMS Representative, and Chairman of Board, I have seen unique projects brought to life, and in contrast, areas to be improved. I am running for President because I believe that with precise changes and enhancing existing projects, the society can strive to bring even more value and play a greater role in supporting our students personally, professionally, and academically. I want to focus on three key areas: Structure – There’s a lack of standardized transition and accountability procedures. With a high turnover, a student organization needs to support incoming leaders with proper training and documents. I want to empower the HR Commission by having it spearhead the structural revamp. I also want to explore the possibility of a 7th VP who will oversee the functions of transition, accountability, and equity. Events – I want to bring back the variable club contribution and increase funding to student-led projects. I will also encourage CUS portfolios to collaborate with other UBC groups to host more general events to help students develop holistically and increase community exposure for commerce students. Community – Making sure that we play an active role in our community. From reinforcing relationships with UGO and BCC to expanding partnerships with local businesses for constituent discounts and increasing national influence through business student associations: making sure we stay active citizens of our community. Thank you, if you have any questions please reach out!

Grace Lee

Hey Sauder! My name is Grace Lee and I’m beyond excited to be running to be your 2021/2022 CUS president! This past year as the Administrative Director, I’ve not only gained experience but developed a passion to shape your Sauder experience to the best it could be. These are my three pillars in making your next year count: Books, Build, Better days ahead. Books: I want to set up every Sauder student to academically succeed. Personally having experienced burnouts from schoolwork, I understand the importance of having the right resources. I hope to work alongside the UGO to bring the positive parts of zoom university to in person classes and set up a free online academic database of notes and resources students can access whenever. Build: Social sustainability is a vital responsibility that not only pertains to our years here at Sauder but well beyond graduation. I plan on continuing to place importance on the EDI/consent culture initiatives and improve the integration of sustainability education. Better days ahead: With a lack of social interactions this past year, I know we’re all ready for some fun. I want to provide you more opportunities to meet people and make memories. Through working with other undergraduate societies, I hope to set up many fun interfaculty events for Sauder students. For more information, suggestions, or ideas, go to Sauder, the future of your 2021/2022 year is in your hands. Bet on Blue. Bet on Grace.