My name is Kristian Oppenheim, I am an Accounting student at Sauder, and I would be honored to be your Commerce Undergraduate Society President. During my time at Sauder I have served as a JDC West Executive, Associate Vice-President Student Engagement, Vice President Academic Affairs, Comm101 TA and Acting CUS President (past 3 months). As your CUS President I would work tirelessly to implement the following goals: 

1. Online Engagement As we head into an online semester, I want Sauder to be more connected than ever. By implementing new media platforms, establishing new events and restructuring CUS policies/systems, this goal is more than possible. 

2. Academic Advocacy As Sauder and UBC continue to make frequent changes to the online learning structure, I want to ensure that student voices are involved. I will continue to advocate for Augmented Evening Schedules, Open Educational Resources and alternatives to the Proctorio Examination System. 

3. Consent Culture Students can only be empowered personally, professionally and academically if they feel safe and secure in their environment. For this reason, it is a priority for me to launch initiatives and develop relationships that improve consent culture at Sauder. 

4. Professional Success I want to ensure that being online does not hinder the professional success of Sauder students by creating online networking events and organizing professional development opportunities with campus partners. 

Please reach out to me at if you have any questions, comments or feedback. I wish you success and the best of luck this year!