Frank Pan

Hey Sauder!
To be frank, the reputation of the CUS is often misrepresented at UBC and together, we need to work to fix this.
My name is Frank Pan and I am extremely excited to run for second-year representative in the upcoming 2019/20 election!
I am an upbeat individual who loves meeting new people and sharing experiences with others. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, jamming out with some jazz, and going on adventures with friends. After working customer service jobs both on and off campus, I have developed strong interpersonal skills. Previously, in high school, I was the elected salutatorian of my graduating class, as well as president of both the Model United Nations club and the debate club. My passion for politics and debate will ensure our voices are heard with the CUS!
The CUS always flaunts its $1.2 million budget, but most Sauder students have no idea where that money goes! As your second-year representative, I will strive to inform all Sauder students about the budget plan, and specifically what their money is going towards. As well, I plan on improving the CUS’s relationships with other faculties. Together, we can work towards an even stronger undergraduate society.
Thank you for your support and best of luck with your classes! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via any of the platforms below:

Vote Frank Pan, and together we can improve our plan!

Elaine Zhang

S-A-U-D-E-R SAUDER JUMP ON IT! HEY SAUDER FIRST YEARS! My name is Elaine Zhang and I want to be your CUS second year rep.

My platform revolves around three initiatives: Connect, Convey and Lead by example

Connect: With over 700 first years in Sauder, I want to meet and connect with as many of you as possible. I will serve as the bridge between you and the CUS, always striving to improve the connection by conducting online and in-person surveys. I am and will always be accessible and present to listen.

Convey: A bridge works both ways, I will not only be your voice and convey your concerns, suggestions and comments to the Board of Directors. I will also keep you guys closely updated on all CUS opportunities and initiatives. Whether you’re here to learn, network, play, or all of the above, I’m sure you can find your niche within the CUS.

Lead by example. Sauder, especially the CUS, is a warm and welcoming place. Knowing that university can exert a lot of stress and negative energy, I aspire to always be optimistic, approachable and considerate. Though being your voice is important, I feel that it is even more crucial to offer you support, as a representative and as a friend.

Feel free to chat with me on social media or approach me in person. Always down to make new friends!

Passionate, patient and enthusiastic, my name is Elaine Zhang and I’m here for you. Be amaZhang and vote for Zhang.

Jenny Zhao

Hey guys! My name is Jenny Zhao and I am back at it again, running to be your CUS Second Year Rep. As you may wonder, why should you vote for me? Well, after surviving my first semester at Sauder, I now understand the difficulties that students face at the beginning of their independent lives. While more and more people begin to ask about our future plans, many of us have no idea how to answer these pressing questions. And while perfecting our resumes, looking for jobs, and struggling with our courses, we sometimes are so afraid of failure that we forget that we are all in this battle together. This is why I want to unify Sauder students and create support groups for all of us to connect, help, and guide each other through our academic and personal journeys. I want to make sure that second year students receive the help that they need when in times of doubt. Helping others is my passion, and if you ever need a friend to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Overall, I promise to give you the full support that you need during your second year at Sauder, and to be the voice of your thoughts and opinions to the CUS.