Second Year Representatives

Raj Nasit

Hello everyone! I am Raj Nasit, a first-year student and I am running for your CUS Second Year Representative. I plan to become the representative because I wish to enhance the educational experience of my fellow mates at Sauder through planning and organizing the events that cater to every individual. I aim to create an interactive community and also, I would like to suggest an idea of establishing a Second Year Committee. This would not only help people in making new friends during their time at Sauder but this also will help them increase their network and reach among different people. This community will solely work for the second year Sauder students for studies as well as recreational purposes with just friendly interactions. Furthermore, I also intend to make small study groups for hanging out and studying together weekly. This will remove the hindrance and awkwardness of online learning and people will get to know their other Sauder mates, outside their cohort. For the same purpose, I would also like to get in touch with the people outside Sauder to expand our online learning community and to help people in making new friends outside of Sauder. I will make sure that the interests and passion of all Sauder students are secured and fulfilled at the same time. I plan to become the bridge between the Sauder students and the organization established for their betterment and development. Looking forward to representing you. Thank you!

Malia Bryson

Hey, I am Malia Bryson! This year I moved to Vancouver to cope with the time zone difficulties with online classes. Living in residence and being active on social media has allowed me to interact with many Sauder students both in-person and virtually. Through these interactions, I noticed common threads in complaints/suggestions, and I want to be the voice who pushes for these changes and improves the Sauder experience for our year! – Give the class of 2024 their first-year experience: Our cohort missed out on a vital year to form connections in person. As our representative, I will push for this first-year experience in our second year. I will do this by creating opportunities to meet in person once the vaccine is distributed. These won’t be strictly school-related, but activities where students can bond over other interests (ex. recreational sports). – Provide Time Zone Accommodation: With several classes likely to still be online, issues international students faced must be addressed. Although some professors are trying to accommodate students, this must be a norm enforced throughout all courses. As our representative, I will lobby for multiple exam times, along with asynchronous content available for those attending classes past midnight. – Solve Exam Difficulties: Throughout this year, plenty of us had technical difficulties when taking exams. Whether we could not enter the exam on time or having answers unsaved, many professors would not be understanding. As our representative, I will push for leniency from professors as these problems are out of student control.

Karam Veer Kanwar

Hello, fellow Sauder students! My name is Karam and I am from India. When I am not butchering songs on the piano, you can find me binge-watching Breaking Bad or making bad stock investment decisions. As your potential 2nd year representative, I plan to help give you the UBC experience that you paid for and do everything you felt like you missed out as freshmen. As an international student, studying in a time-zone that is 13.5 hours ahead, I understand the impact that this pandemic has had on us. I plan to tackle a few issues which all students have faced in varying degrees like deteriorating mental health, feeling of a lack of inclusivity and not being able to find resources online. Although UBC offers several mental health services, I want to help create mental health services specifically designed for YOU, especially to help cope with the isolating pressure of studying online. As business students, I understand the importance networking has and how it has been severely hampered this year. I plan to work on organizing networking events by working with the professors, AMS and other UBC clubs. I want our batch to achieve inclusivity by ensuring that every student, regardless of their interests, is being provided with the opportunity to connect with professionals. Additionally, I want us to have fun. I will organize several covid-safe events to overcome the communication gap created during the first year.