Dante Agosti-Moro

Hello Sauder! My name is Dante Agosti-Moro, and I’m running to be YOUR Commerce Student Senator. Over the past school year, I’ve had the honour of representing my first-year peers on the CUS Board of Directors, and now I’m asking you to put your trust in me to represent each Sauder student on the UBC Senate. As someone who enjoys public speaking and interacting with people, I hope to get to know every one of you and be your voice on the Senate! What can you expect if you choose to give me your vote? Advocacy: As one of the two governing bodies of UBC, the Senate has the power to enact real change that directly affects the academic lives of every Sauder (and UBC) student. As your Senator, I would bring your concerns to the Senate, to help ensure that every decision passed is in the best interest of Commerce students as a whole. Engagement: The UBC Senate, through its Student Senators, gives us students the opportunity to shape our own university experience. I would incorporate regular student consultations as a major part of my role as Senator. Every Sauder student should have the opportunity to stay updated on how the Senate is serving them. Effective Change: There are several issues I hope to address if elected. One of which is a fall reading break, which I believe should be an issue at the top of the Senate’s agenda. I also want to push for more mental health initiatives, a cause that can benefit all of UBC!