Third Year Representatives

Siane Sahdra

Hi there! My name is Siane Sahdra, and I am running to be your Third Year Representative for the CUS. As a result of my experience as the Associate Vice-President of the Student Engagement portfolio, I am excited at the opportunity to represent our class in the upcoming year. This chance to have been a part of the CUS has provided me with the ability to develop a robust platform that will catalyze our student experience into a memorable one. My campaign is built on 3 main pillars: Enriching our Culture: I can attribute the sense of belonging I feel within the CUS due to being accepted and encouraged. Although, I wish to enhance areas of improvement within this organization. I hope to enrich our culture by continuing and improving a Culture of Consent, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Advocating for Student-Led Initiatives: I am a firm believer that having an influence on the CUS makes you feel more connected to it. As your representative, I will actively advocate for Student-Led Initiatives by creating new opportunities and highlighting existing ones. Advocacy for these initiatives in conjunction with increased representation will help bridge the gap between the CUS and the Student Body. Strengthening our Community: Within this position, I hope to support initiatives to regain the experiences we lost given the online climate this year and become united with our faculty. My vision for an inclusive and cohesive community encompasses providing a seamless transition to in-person classes if permitted and safe, engaging events looking towards the future! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please email me at or DM me on Facebook Messenger!

Janvi Marwah

Hey Sauder! I am Janvi Marwah (she/her/hers). I intend to specialize in Marketing with a minor in Theatre. As a candidate for the position of 3rd-year representative, the 3 pillars of my platform are: professional opportunities, student advocacy, and inclusivity. To solve the problem of lack of job opportunities caused by the pandemic, I aim to organize more corporate events to connect YOU with job opportunities. The job of making Sauder a better place requires that we listen to every concern and opinion, therefore I vow to support student advocacy. Furthermore, I believe that inclusivity is something we still need to work on, it’s time to act and turn the ideas on table into reality. My aim is to improve YOUR Sauder experience by supporting your journey and creating opportunities you need to succeed in your future professional and personal life.