Upcoming CUS By-Election Info Session

Hi all!

Info session for the upcoming CUS by-election will be held TOMORROW (Mar 5) in HA 339 at 6pm.

The election will be for one (1) position on the Board of Directors, as Angela Dai resigned from her role as 3rd year rep. Learn more by reading the official press release: http://cus.ca/resignation-of-third-year-rep/

For any election related questions, feel free to reach out to Shobhit Sahu (shobhit.sahu@cus.ca) and Ryan Crasta (ryan.scrasta@cus.ca)

CUS Elections Committee

Info Session Update + Slides!

Hi all!

Thanks for coming out to the Info Session!

For those that were unable to attend, you can collect the nomination forms from the CUS Lounge on the 2nd floor at Henry Angus. You can also find a digital copy here (Nomination-Form).

As promised, here are the slides from today’s info session [X]

Feel free to message us on our Facebook page if you have any questions!

-CUS Elections Committee


The CUS Elections Committee would like thank everyone for participating in the CUS First Year Representative Elections. Congratulations to the new First year reps, Sanjay Khemani and Caryssa Kim!

More details on the ballot can be found here.


All-Candidates Meeting Update + Slides!


Next key date to remember is the All-Candidates Forum on October 4th at Birmingham from 6pm. Remember that attendance for candidates is MANDATORY. You will have 1 minute to present your platform followed by a general Q&A session for all candidates.

GENERAL GUIDELINE: This wasn’t explicitly mentioned at the session today, but please do avoid the usage of the CUS and Sauder logos on campaign material.

All-Candidates Meeting Slides

If you have any further question, feel free to reach out to us at shobhit.sahu@cus.ca and ryan.scrasta@cus.ca.




CUS Elections Committee